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BIOCBiocontrol (pest control without chemicals)
BIOCBreak Into Other Computers
BIOCBuyer In Ordinary Course (legal)
BIOCBasic Identity Object Class
BIOCBiometric Characteristics (biometrics)
BIOCBlack Input/Output Controller
BIOCBus I/O Controller
BIOCBuffered Input/Output Controller
BIOCBest Interest of Child (legal)
BIOCBasic Intelligence Officers Course
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We wanted to use EBCL's unique experience, location, and facilities to establish a biocontrol project that would benefit Europe--sort of as thanks for the biocontrol agents we've acquired and sent to the United States for the past 90 years.
These early results with FitNeS are another great validation of BioControl Medical's proprietary neuromodulation technology, which has been shown to offer a number of unique benefits over first generation platforms," said Ehud Cohen, Ph.
The importation and quarantine of biocontrol agents approved for released into Australia must be arranged, and the agents must be checked for viruses, pathogens and disease.
But to amass a futuristic array of site-, disease-, and pest-specific biocontrol agents requires changes in science, finance, and regulation - and in attitudes.
Targeted shareholders have not been provided with (i) any financial information about Biocontrol, (ii) any legal documents relating to the transaction, (iii) any information regarding compensation or employment contracts for the proposed new and existing management of Targeted, or (iv) what the final capitalization table will look like.
PMRA to Award Registration for T34 Biocontrol Technical and
Moreover, the yeast strain of Rhodotorulaglutinis and its autoploidy have been reported as an effective biocontrol agent (in vivo) and (in vivo) against grey mould of greenhouse sweet pepper [5].
The largest test of the biocontrol strategy is taking place in the grove owned by Bockenhauer and his neighbors.
After an initial round of pests is killed, the biocontrol dies out and the pests return.
This has become an essential component in selecting effective, host-specific biocontrol agents.
Biocontrol and SIS hope to demonstrate that with the RobotEyes technology it is possible for a person with high-level spinal cord injuries to regain control of arm movements.
History shows that "most biocontrol projects do not work," despite the high expectations of the scientists who launched them, he says.