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BIODBuilt-In Overflow Detection
BIODBlock Input/Output Daemon (computing)
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In the near term, the type of research that Invitrogen is conducting will support the identification of protein biomarkers associated with biothreat agents, leading to the development of better, faster detection tools, diagnostics and vaccines," explained Paul Kinnon, General Manager for Environmental Diagnostics at Invitrogen, which includes biodefense research as well as food and water safety testing.
WASHINGTON, April 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Some of the world's leading biodefense research and development leaders took a major step today toward establishing consensus standards for biodefense-related materials and processes during an exclusive summit convened by ATCC.
BioDefense will allow me to capitalize on my experience and utilize my close network of advisors and consultants to maximize the growth potential of the company.
The company will use the additional financing to fund development of human clinical assays and commercialization of biodefense testing products.
We are well on the pathway to successful development of RiVax(TM) as we continue work on this important biodefense countermeasure.
ATCC Brings Together Leading Biodefense Experts From Academia, Industry and Government in Washington, D.
Davenport was President, Biodefense Division, of a public biopharmaceutical company where he was responsible for development of two recombinant vaccines and a therapeutic, strategies aimed at winning federal funding, and establishing strategic relationships with commercial, government and academic partners.
Sigma-Aldrich and Invitrogen are the top two companies that come to mind when respondents are asked to think about biodefense-related products, however neither supplier was chosen by more than 10% of scientists surveyed, illustrating that there is no clear leader in the biodefense market.
faces from natural and deliberate biothreats require an urgent effort to effectively improve biodefense preparedness and response at all levels and ensure closer collaboration between the U.
We welcome the opportunity to continue to work closely with the Department of Health and Human Services to meet the strategic biodefense requirements of the Government.
In addition to BioThrax[R], the Company's biodefense product portfolio includes three biodefense product candidates in preclinical development and a next generation anthrax vaccine program with product candidates in preclinical and Phase I clinical development.
Said BioDefense Executive Vice President Jonathan Morrone: "We are a global company helping countries and corporations worldwide keep their people safe from biological threats, whether the threats originate domestically or internationally.