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BIOBiotechnology Industry Organization
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BIOBring It On
BIOBasic Input Output
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BIOBiological Hazard (fire diamond warning code)
BIOBiotech Industry Organization
BIOBinocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope
BIOBusiness Information Officer
BIOBureau of International Organizations (US DoD)
BIOBinary Input/Output
BIOBasis for Interim Operation
BIOBritish Informatics Olympiad
BIOBilbao, Spain - Sondica (Airport Code)
BIOBiology Break (chat, going to the bathroom)
BIOBio Research Module (NASA)
BIOBiomechanical Integrated Organism (robotics)
BIOBiological Information Processing Association
BIOBranch Intelligence Officer
BIOBroadcast Input Output
BIOBitronics Input/Output (computer networking)
BIOBy Invitation Only
BIOBuilding Inspection Office (various locations)
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This 2015 market research titled Global and China Biodegradable Plastics Industry Report, 2014-2018 provides data and information on supply and demand, product mix, regional structure, competition pattern, development trends of global biodegradable plastics market; supply and demand, competition pattern, development trends of Chinese biodegradable plastics market; development status and competition pattern of biodegradable plastic product segments such as PSM, PLA, PHA, PBS as well as operation, biodegradable plastics business, prospects, etc.
Europe leads the global bio-based biodegradable plastics market, followed by North America.
Highlighting the use of less harmful biodegradable bags, Mehmet BaE- added, "Although we side with the use of cloth and brown bags, for now we attach much importance to non-toxic biodegradable bags that can decompose within two months.
MACtab Biodegradable MP 198 is available in two-metre width with exact width service.
However, he notes that rather than making biodegradable materials from petrochemical plastics, it would be better to use only biodegradable plastics in the first place.
Add two points if you buy biodegradable plastic products, like trash bags.
Our bags have been successfully tested for various biodegradable parameters.
Outside, your spouse is picking nutraceutical tomatoes, genetically-enhanced with extra flavor and nutrients in a garden where biodegradable film blocks weeds all season and is left to compost and be tilled into the soil next spring.
Biodegradable materials are another use for this hardy perennial.
In these cemeteries, people are buried in a shroud or biodegradable coffin of wicker or cardboard, or other simple material.