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Calabrese has campaigned relentlessly over the past 15 years to draw attention to biological effects that occur below a NOAEL.
Jeanne Guillemin (author of Anthrax, the 1999 book that dealt with the 1979 Sverdlovsk biological accident) wrote this book for those interested in the modern history of biological warfare.
Environmental exposures can also be used to simplify complex biological processes to both discover unique biological mechanisms and narrow the pathophysiologic phenotype of complex human diseases.
fighter aircraft to have a requirement for both chemical and biological survivability.
Three major areas will be explored as to the cause of depression in children, including biological factors, psychological factors and environmental factors.
Prior to JBAIDS, it took the military two to four days back in a microbiology laboratory to accurately identify the presence of a biological warfare agent.
The purpose of this article is to increase school counselors' bioterrorism preparedness by providing information as follows: (a) a description of bioterrorism and biological agents, (b) the psychological impact of bioterrorism, (c) school counselors' role in a school-related incident, (d) disaster mental health principles and procedures, and (e) implications for school counselors in the context of the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model.
Descriptions of the sarin attack in Tokyo in 1995 and the anthrax attacks in the United States in 2001 illustrate lessons from governments' recent experiences with chemical and biological terrorism.
On the other hand, Ruth Macklin argues that surrogacy is not baby selling because the husband of the couple receiving the child is that child's biological father.
Nevertheless, in contrast to what we might expect, it appears from the vantage point of adoption rulings that the civil judiciary of the Supreme Court tended above all to honor biological connections, what they often referred to as "maternal love," [17] and domestic situations that kept children safe and sound.
The use of biological agents against a population is not a new idea.
In interviews and testimony before congressional committees, he has repeatedly warned of the continued danger posed by residual Russian expertise in biological weapons, including the fact that much of the program remains carefully guarded.