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BIPODBeirut International Platform of Dance (Lebanon)
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The Maxim MG08/ 15 is basically a significantly lightened Maxim MG08, equipped with a shoulder stock, bipod, and pistol grip trigger mechanism.
Lebanon's own Omar Rajeh, director of Maqamat Dance Theater and founder of BIPOD, will perform his latest solo work, "Facing the Blank Page," which promises to explore the presence and representation of the body.
I see the current Brownells catalog carries the Wichita rest, Harris and Versa Pod bipods, along with the Protecktor series of bench rest bags with front and rear bags available in various sizes and styles.
The B&T bipod doesn't have to hold the world, but it does in fact have to hold the rifle steady and that's a task it does well.
Painter and photographer Joe Kesrouani shot the striking image that adorns the poster for this year's edition of BIPOD and a selection of his photographs are also on show at Masrah al-Madina.
Accuracy on the range or while hunting has become a lot easier, thanks to the Bowstix Bow Bipod ($59.
Our bipod redesign will improve the accuracy of the system because it moves the fire control system from the tube to the bipod.
On the sidelines of the Lebanese BIPOD festival of contemporary dance, 11 Syrian choreographers presented projects showcasing the scars of war.
The company plans to release various optional accessories for the weapon, including BIPOD and scope.
A bipod can be used on the front but it needs to be cushioned.