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In recent time, a rising number of bipolar disorder cases and unmet medical needs are some of the key drivers of this market.
Recent discoveries and promising trends on research on bipolar disorder
Because of this high subjective burden and other factors such as objective (financial) burden, stigma, and turmoil in bipolar families, family members of patients with bipolar disorder exhibit high rates of depression, anxiety, and other psychiatric symptoms.
Most published interventions for family members are psychoeducational and aim to improve their function as caregivers (with the goal of reducing relapse rates in patients with bipolar disorder), rather than to relieve psychiatric symptoms in the family members themselves.
People with bipolar type 1 have extreme mania, leading to risky behaviour, for instance gambling or promiscuity and even psychosis.
The difference in brain activity between subjects at risk for bipolar disorder and controls centered on the inferior frontal gyrus, a part of the frontal lobe thought to be involved in regulating emotions.
Over three-quarters (76%) reported that bipolar I disorder had decreased their own expectations of success in life.
The service is also delivered to people who are carers of those with the condition who are struggling to support and care for someone with bipolar.
Many people are reluctant to come forward and admit they may have bipolar because they think it will affect job prospects or even their ability to look after their family.
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6% of children with bipolar parents were positively tested for bipolar disorder or mood and anxiety disorders.
National medical surveys done during that time period show that the number of office visits that resulted in a bipolar diagnosis for kids and teens increased by a factor of 40, say psychiatrist Mark Olfson of Columbia University and his coworkers.