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BCPBest Current Practice(s)
BCPBeaucoup (French)
BCPBook of Common Prayer
BCPBusiness Continuity Plan
BCPBusiness Continuity Planning
BCPBanco Comercial Português
BCPBureau of Consumer Protection (US Federal Trade Commission)
BCPBest of Corporate Publishing (award)
BCPBirth Control Pill
BCPBucks County Playhouse (New Hope, PA)
BCPBusiness Contingency Plan
BCPBureau du Conseil Privé (Privy Council Office - Canada)
BCPBlackstone Capital Partners (Delaware)
BCPBorder Crossing Point (also seen as BXP)
BCPBanco Central del Paraguay
BCPBeati I Costruttori di Pace (Italian)
BCPBotswana Congress Party
BCPBulgarian Communist Party
BCPBiology-Chemistry-Physics (various schools)
BCPBare Chip Processing
BCPBase Cryptographic Provider
BCPBase Control Program
BCPByte Control Protocol
BCPBluetooth Cordless Phone
BCPBuyer Complaint Policy
BCPBasic Call Process
BCPBridging Control Protocol
BCPBroadcast Command Packet
BCPBest Current Practice
BCPBusiness Component Package
BCPBest Commercial Practices
BCPBorland Component Package
BCPBorland C++
BCPBanco de Credito del Perú
BCPBulk Copy Program
BCPBellarmine College Preparatory (San Jose, CA)
BCPBanque Centrale Populaire (French; Moroccan bank)
BCPBasotho Congress Party (Lesotho)
BCPBudget Change Proposal
BCPBridge Control Protocol
BCPBlood Centers of the Pacific
BCPBulk Copy Process
BCPBiotechnology/Chemical/Pharmaceutical (patents)
BCPBiological Crop Protection (UK)
BCPBusiness Consulting Practice
BCPBlue Collar Prepping (website)
BCPBoolean Constraint Propagation (Boolean satisfiability)
BCPBromcresol Purple
BCPBusiness Coaching Program
BCPBody Composition Program (USMC)
BCPBibliothèque Centrale de Prêt (French: Central Lending Library)
BCPBiologie Cellulaire et Physiologie (French: Cell Biology and Physiology)
BCPBinary Communications Protocol
BCPBattery Command Post (PATRIOT)
BCPBenchmark Control Point
BCPBRAC Cleanup Plan
BCPBrophy College Preparatory (Phoenix, AZ)
BCPBanana Cream Pie
BCPBoundary Capital PLC (UK)
BCPBuffered Chemical Polishing
BCPBefore Casing Point (oil industry)
BCPBallast Control Panel
BCPBinary Control Protocol (Adobe)
BCPBaseline Change Proposal
BCPBar Code Printer
BCPBase Comprehensive Plan(ning)
BCPBlue Cone Pigment
BCPBach Collegium Paris (French choral association)
BCPBlumberg Capital Partners (various locations)
BCPBritish Car Parks
BCPBase Condemnation Percent
BCPBoston Cure Project (multiple sclerosis; Boston, MA)
BCPBinary Communication Protocol
BCPByte Controlled Protocols
BCPBasic Call Processing
BCPBlood Chemistry Profile
BCPBest Commercial Practice
BCPBanach Center Publications (Institute of Mathematics; Polish Academy of Sciences)
BCPBandos Chestplate (RuneScape; online gaming)
BCPBat Chain Puller
BCPBasic Cover Price
BCPBradford Catholic Players
BCPBase Communications Processor
BCPBiochemistry Panel
BCPBreath-Control Play
BCPBachelor of City Planning
BCPBroken-Case Price
BCPBrown Chitin Protector (Everquest)
BCPBadminton Club de Pontoise (French badminton club)
BCPBattery Control Post
BCPBlack Command Processor
BCPBase Construction Plan
BCPBroadband Communications Product
BCPBaseline Cost Position
BCPBackup Command Processor
BCPBi-Phase Communications (electrical)
BCPBest Compromise Plan
BCPBest Case Performance
BCPBoiler Controller Panel
BCPBootstrap Commissioning Program
BCPBlock Current Process
BCPBasic Controlled Process
BCPBasket Club Pajay (French: Basketball Club Pajay; Pajay, France)
BCPBroadband Capacity Planning (Sprint)
BCPBackfile Conversion Project
BCPBound to Common Pleas Court (Franklin County Municipal Court; Columbus, OH)
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If you miss more than two combination birth control pills, then you are in danger of pregnancy.
Researchers found in their new analysis that birth control pills increase the risk of having a stroke by 1.
Which birth control pill would you prescribe for me?
Today's birth control pills (BCPs) even offer health benefits.
That's another reason to coadminister with a birth control pill," she said.
The Ortho Evra contraceptive patch exposes women to higher steady state estrogen levels than do most birth control pills, and concerns that such exposure could increase the risk for blood clots prompted an update to the product's label.
Respondents were asked multiple fixed-response type questions concerning the effectiveness of condoms, when used consistently and correctly, for preventing STDs and pregnancy (very, somewhat, and not effective), how often birth control pills, when used consistently and correctly, prevent pregnancy (almost all, most, or some of the time), and how safe birth control pills are (very, somewhat, or not safe).
The interest in this birth control pill increased after a research study involving 300 women who lost an average of about two pounds after taking Yasmin for six months.
The use of the birth control pill in women over forty has gained a great deal of popularity in the past three to four years.
Dr Freedolph D Anderson, the Medical School researcher who has been overseeing clinical trials of Seasonale, said side effects should be the same as for any birth control pill.
Currently, a bill in Massachusetts to require insurance companies to cover birth control pills has been stalled in Legislature for over a year.
In multipage advertisements appearing in magazines such as Glamour and Shape, Ortho uses close-up-photos of gorgeous models to plug its Ortho Tri-Cyclen birth control pill as a "beauty aid" for "women 15 and over.