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BIVBusiness in Vancouver (newspaper; Canada)
BIVBeroepsinstituut van Vastgoedmakelaars (Dutch: Professional Institute of Real Estate; Belgium)
BIVBest in Variety
BIVBovine Immunodeficiency Virus
BIVBuilt-in Variable (plumbing)
BIVBusiness Internet Voix (French internet provider)
BIVBelgian Institute of Victimology (Belgium)
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The teams gather at night in tent cities, or bivouacs, line up for food rations and pitch their tents for a night.
This contract for SPS coordinator of the intervention undergone Tier 1 for the design and implementation of the T4 line (BRT) and the renovation of the entire RMS teor / metro (including CPC) and bivouac teor (including PCC).
Bivouac would be my main hope as he has done absolutely nothing wrong for me.
for the design and construction of t4 (brt) line, and the renovation of the entire rms teor / metro and bivouac teor
Acquisition Hydration Bags, Helmet Case, Case Bivouac, Thermal Blanket, Sleeping Bag and Socks Campaign for Air Force
Contract award: acquisition of equipment sleeping bivouac.
When car camping, as always, I have my bivouac equipment along.
The parade excitement began in the cool of the night as fans huddled along the boulevard in a massive bivouac of air mattresses, chairs, heaters, coolers and curbside sleeping bags.
Up until now, I've had bivouac spots, but no base camp.
Although O'Hara's name was never widely known, there was a time when lines from his poem "The Bivouac of the Dead" were as frequently quoted as passages from Gray's "Elegy in a Country Churchyard.
From there, participants will travel 1,600 kilometers through the desert by bus to Dunhuang, stopping along the way to bivouac.
In addition to vehicle-caused damage, training grounds are degraded by bivouac litter, tow wire, and other supplies left in the field.