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BLAMEB-Lymphocyte Activator Macrophage Expressed (gene)
BLAMEBig Losers Always Make Excuses
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Mas'r an't to blame, Chloe, and he'll take care of you and the poor--"
Well, as it turned out, Mary was not in the least to blame --it was all her father's fault--at least his and old Darley's.
But hang it, Jim, you've clean missed the point -- blame it, you've missed it a thousand mile.
They were just enough not to blame Norah for this; they were just enough to acknowledge that her conduct had been as irreproachable as I had guaranteed it should be when I got her the situation.
Or again, why blame a lying, thievish Isosceles when you ought rather to deplore the incurable inequality of his sides?
Thus it would follow, as the result of acute consciousness, that one is not to blame in being a scoundrel; as though that were any consolation to the scoundrel once he has come to realise that he actually is a scoundrel.
I will not blame the course taken by the king, because, wishing to get a foothold in Italy, and having no friends there--seeing rather that every door was shut to him owing to the conduct of Charles--he was forced to accept those friendships which he could get, and he would have succeeded very quickly in his design if in other matters he had not made some mistakes.
But you blame me for having spoken so warmly of Wickham?
And this circumstance, while it explains the true motives of Lady Susan's conduct, and removes all the blame which has been so lavished on her, may also convince us how little the general report of anyone ought to be credited; since no character, however upright, can escape the malevolence of slander.
I can't blame her if she's fallen in love with Strickland.
I'm not to blame that the conversation began in the presence of other officers.
He apologized afterwards as if he were to blame, and not I, but I dare say I was a nuisance with my different literary passions, and must have made many of my acquaintances very tired of my favorite authors.