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BLOATBinary Lexical Octet Ad-Hoc Transport
BLOATBacon, Lettuce, Onion, Avocado, & Tomato Sandwich
BLOATBuy Lots of Ammo Today
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Beat the Bloat - Lose Your Belly For Good In Just One Month is due to be published on 15 January 2015 and will be available as a paperback priced GBP7.
Grain overload usually causes gassy bloat, but we keep Bloat Guard on hand just in case there's a foamy bloat.
Bloat is more common in older dogs between seven and 10 years.
File bloat is a result of files that are much bigger or more bloated than they should be.
Robert Egan's mostly efficient staging can't clear away the plot bloat, and much of the second-act dialogue is message-heavy and tin-eared.
If you really can't ditch your bean fix, try pureeing or mashing them for minimal bloat - the body can digest purees better than chunks of high-gas foods.
Just sip water - but no chugging or you will bloat out.
WHEN THE BLOAT COMES IN J Cowell and US X Factor judge Spears chat to Leno on his American show