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BLOBBinary Large Object
BLOBBlitter Object (computer architecture)
BLOBBiologically Liberated Organo-Beasties
BLOBBig Lump on Board (personel flying in a non crew position on military aircraft)
BLOBBum Lying on Bench
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Biology professor Skip Pierce said: "We've no evidence that any of the blobs are the remains of unknown sea monsters, like out of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
Manufacturer Unilever UK Foods said it was disappointed by a ruling by the Advertising Standards Authority against the ad, which was inspired by the 1950s sci-fi film The Blob, and was clearly meant to he "over-the-top and comical.
We look forward to unveiling de Blob at next week's E3 press event.
If these by-products are not removed, they can result in shorter sequence read lengths and what scientists refer to as dye blobs, making it difficult to accurately interpret results or obtain high quality data.
In the adverts, people are shown either running from the blob or diving into it.
Please whatever you do, don't bring back that expensive buff blob.
However, for those with a Web site that is not actively managed and that have always used a PDF blob, this is the bare minimum to do with the current annual report.
In VideoQ, motion sequences are segmented into moving blobs and then queried on the color and motion of a particular blob (see Figure 17) (Chang et al.
Only the players at the ends of the blob may tag other players.
Mischievous Hero Blob Is Back to Lead the Color Resistance Against the Evil INKT Corporation, Using Inspiration as His Most Powerful Weapon
THE Orange Blob, which featured in the angling column last week, came up trumps for Fife angler Gordon Michie at the weekend on the Lake of Menteith.
As the Blob advanced and devoured all in its path, it continually changed shape - it ``re-formed.