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BLOBSBinary Large Objects
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John Taylor from Hazelrigg landed 10 on Halo Blobs while Gordon Swain caught 10 on Damsels.
It doesn't tell you anyths ing a boring old fixture list doesn't, but the more visual nature of the blobs is good for predicting how things might pan out.
Blobs caught in various stages of division showed that they split into two cells, then four, then eight and so on without the organism growing larger.
ITS mysterious appearance in America inspired the alien horror movie The Blob.
A 13-TON blob washed up on a Chilean beach was not a giant squid - but the remains of a sperm whale.
This has been especially true in the academic market where schools and child development programs worldwide have incorporated Cosmic Blobs as a core learning resource.
Christopher Regan of the University of California, Berkeley and his colleagues send electricity through the wire, indium atoms flow from the larger blob to the smaller one.
MYSTERY blobs in a rock are being hailed as proof that life on earth stretches back 3.
As long-term advocates of the value and longevity of well marked-up documents, we believe that IBM's fusion of relational data and deep XML support without shredding or BLOBs is a best of breed solution, not just another feature on an RDBMS checklist, which is certain to accelerate the adoption of DB2 as a preferred data management solution.
The billion-ton blobs of magnetized gas that the sun sporadically hurls into space have a speed limit, a new study suggests.
The skins of both blobs are experimental, but while the Kunsthaus will be easy to clean, and comes from the tested pattern of rain-screen and inner wall, the Birmingham building seems to fly in the face of conventional construction, with extremely complicated cleaning problems.