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Thou art in greater danger now, Robin, than thou hast yet been," said he, "for before thee lie bands of the Sheriff's men blocking every road and letting none pass through the lines without examining them closely.
And waggon after waggon was locking and blocking and adding to the confusion.
The man stood, tall and square, blocking the entrance to the bridge, and throwing out his hands as he spoke in a wild eager fashion, while the deep tones of his stormy voice rose at times into accents of menace and of anger.
The referee was openly blocking that play, though he stood clear when the situation was reversed and it was Rivera who desired to rise.
This was odd enough: but what was more embarrassing was, that all along the passage, and all along the narrow stairs, blocking up the window, and making the dark entry darker still, was a confused crowd of persons with great importance depicted in their looks; who were, to all appearance, waiting in silent expectation of some coming event.
I would have gone up on board at once and left them on the quay to come up or stay there till next week, only they were blocking the way.
This time the man succeeded only in partly blocking, and his throat was torn open.
was the first thought that came to Anna Arkadyevna, when she had said good-bye for the last time to her brother, who had stood blocking up the entrance to the carriage till the third bell rang.
Behind the Assistant Commissioner the van and horses, merged into one mass, seemed something alive - a square-backed black monster blocking half the street, with sudden iron-shod stampings, fierce jingles, and heavy, blowing sighs.
For a moment they glared amazed, blocking the doorway.
In the doorway, his black-coated bulk blocking the view, Peter Ivanovitch boomed in a hearty tone with something boastful in it.
Seeing that the old gentleman was generally cutting off some near relation, or blocking out some natural affection,' Mr Venus rejoins,