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BLOGBetter Listings on Google
BLOGBuy Locally Owned Group (Canada)
BLOGBig Load of Gossip
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One of the highlights of Blog Beast is its mobile app, which syncs the computer and smartphone blogging systems in new ways.
The categories include Best Blog, Best Writing on a Blog, Best Political Blog and Best Community Blog.
Best Designed Catholic Blog, Best Group Blog: "New Liturgical Movement"
The objective of a blog should be to develop a trusting and engaged ongoing readership.
Soon everyone will have to take a stand, as Jeff Jarvis has, planting a stake in the ground as far as his blog was concerned, with four clear statements:
Alternative Energy Blog (AEB) posts discuss ethanol, wind power, biodiesel, plug-in hybrids and the drawbacks of "clean coal" technology.
Blogging combines the best of solitary reflection and social interaction (Eide Neurolearning Blog 2005).
I am going to start by mentioning a couple blogs about blogs so you can get to learn more about this medium, and I will also feature a blog that focuses on RFID.
John Conyers post "diaries"--press releases plus earnestness and hyperlinks--for the consumption of the blog community.
To help prevent smoking-gun blog content from triggering a workplace lawsuit, stock slide media feeding frenzy, prohibit employees from posting negative opinions or critical comments about the company's people, products, and services," advises legal expert Nancy Flynn, in her article "Blog Rules" in Optimize.
TO CREATE A BLOG A FIRM WILL NEED TO select a blog publisher, create an account and start adding content.