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BLUESBetter Logic Using Expert Software (Salvatore T. March publication)
BLUESBay Logistik, Umwelt und Entsorgungs Systeme (German: Bay Logistics, Environmental and Disposal Systems; Germany)
BLUESBoeing Look Up Everything System
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It was a trifle embarrassing to return an hour later and buy a blue parasol for Emma Jane Perkins, but it seemed increasingly difficult, as the years went on, to remember her existence at all the proper times and seasons.
All of which, creating, as it does, a good deal of disturbance in the house, must be a great relief to the feelings of a man in the blues, rows being the only form of amusement in which he can take any interest.
of which from start to finish he understood but one word--'out', to wit--absorbed in the doings of a red-moustached gentleman in blue who wrangled in rapid French with a black-moustached gentleman in yellow, while a snow-white
Returning with these triumphs of toughness tied up in a clean blue and white cotton handkerchief (essential to the arrangements), he in a casual manner invites Mrs.
Don't you know that if you put an electric blue in the window it'll kill all the other blues?
The defeat of the Light Blues may be entirely attributed to the unfortunate absence of the crack International, Godfrey Staunton, whose want was felt at every instant of the game.
The hour being still early, the whole view was exquisitely light and airy; the blues and greens of sky and tree were intense but not sultry.
Their blues and reds and greens are like ours with a light behind them.
The blues and greys were very beautiful, and Dorothy noticed that on the cloud banks sat or reclined fleecy, shadowy forms of beautiful beings who must have been the Cloud Fairies.
Straight from the ocean's depths rose towering cliffs, shot with brown and blues and greens--withered moss and lichen and the verdigris of copper, and everywhere the rusty ocher of iron pyrites.
Oh, yes, the boardinghouse -- it's really a very nice place of its kind, as you'll admit tomorrow morning when a good night's sleep has turned your blues rosy pink.
I get drunk sometimes - when there's nothing on and the blues come