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BWBlack & White
BWBusiness Week
BWBest Western (hotel chain)
BWBusiness Information Warehouse (SAP, Oracle)
BWBusiness Wire
BWBollywood (India)
BWBaldwin-Wallace College
BWBirth Weight
BWBeast Wars (Transformers comic)
BWBeing Watched (chat)
BWBeautiful Woman
BWBaden-Württemberg (German Federal State)
BWBundeswehr (German Armed Forces)
BWBritish Waterways
BWBomb Wing
BWBiological Warfare
BWBroadband Wireless (NEC)
BWBest Wishes
BWBoardwalk (Disney Resort)
BWBluewater (London shopping center)
BWBlack Watch (British regiment)
BWBurgerlijk Wetboek (Civil Code, The Netherlands)
BWBiological Weapon
BWBarbed Wire (fence)
BWBruce Willis (actor)
BWBlue Wave
BWBoogie Woogie (dance, musical genre)
BWBarry White
BWBuffalo Wings
BWBow Wow (American rapper)
BWBrood War (game)
BWBlack Winter (band)
BWBretton Woods (New Hampshire)
BWBlood Work (hematology)
BWBen Wallace (NBA player)
BWBlue Wolf (Lineage 2 game armor set)
BWBoy Wonder (Robin from Batman)
BWBitte Wenden (German: Please Turn Over)
BWBig Window
BWButt Weld
BWBombardment Wing
BWBallast Water (shipping)
BWBacked With (recording industry)
BWB-Wing (Star Wars)
BWBolton Wanderers
BWBay Watch
BWBill Wyman (Rolling Stones member)
BWBaroque Works
BWBrot für die Welt
BWBench Warrant (court)
BWBelow Water
BWBetter Worse (financial)
BWBacteriological Warfare
BWBarrysWorld (gaming website)
BWBlack Wizard (Final Fantasy game)
BWBee Wax
BWBlue Wizard (Final Fantasy game)
BWBeached Whales
BWBuck Wheat (singer B.W. Stevenson)
BWBonded Winery
BWBone Wall (Diablo 2)
BWBorehole Water (drilling industry)
BWBrazilian Wife
BWBlack Warrant (heavy metal/industrial band)
BWBabcock and Wilcox Company (Lynchburg, VA)
BWBradbury & Wilkinson (stamp printers, UK)
BWBraze Welding
BWWest Indies Airways Ltd, (Trinidad and Tobago IATA airline code)
BWBattlefield Weather (US DoD)
BWBack of Walk (surveying)
BWAdaptive Baum-Welch (algorithm)
BWBetty White (actress)
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Silver, FAICP, New York City Economic Development Corporation President Kyle Kimball, and local leaders opened the boardwalk, which was severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy.
In Louisiana, the pipeline interconnects with the Boardwalk Louisiana Midstream's (BLM) ethylene distribution system that includes BLM's storage facilities at the Choctaw Hub, the buyer noted.
Accessible from 14 points along the existing sidewalk, The boardwalk will be created by building over the rocks of the Palm's breakwater.
Boardwalk Shutters notes that they offer residential aluminium gates in different heights, colours and styles to match any home design.
Nakheel will create The Boardwalk by building over the rocks of the Palm's breakwater.
The new plastic boardwalk replaces the existing wooden structure which was beginning to rot.
When the boardwalk opened in the summer of 2010, a number of walk-up programs were included in the zoo's daily activities list.
Boardwalk has already introduced "ticket board," a mobile ticketing service that uses the Osaifu-Keitai feature that turns the mobile phone into a paperless ticket, with QR codes for users whose phone is not Osaifu-Keitai-enabled.
A clear message has been sent to the vandals who burnt the boardwalk.
The team made one key major decision early on: The main boardwalk set would be built outdoors.
We'll keep our eyes on this trend and the resulting weaker contract renewal terms Boardwalk has been facing this year, but we still think Boardwalk's footprint is one of the most attractively positioned companies in the industry.
The Boardwalk SkyFi HotZone will offer district-wide WiFi coverage and high-speed WiFi Internet services and will have no distance limitations for the boardwalk area.