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bohobohemian (usually referring to fashion)
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The Boho Zone acts as a commercial quarter for Middlesbrough's digital media, digital technology and creative sectors and provides business space for start-ups as well as established business.
The overall feel of the Boho brand mixes biker-Bohemian chic with practicality and a hint of glamour.
Boho Sharky, the oriental gypsy look, is neither couture fashion nor street fashion.
Team with lace leggings for the boho look or go for a denim suit.
Nonetheless, it is encouraging for today's first selection, Boho Chic, that her sire Kyllachy was behind only King's Best in the 'mudders' index this time last year.
Siobhan Fairs, who is on the books of the Boho model agency in Byker, has beaten hundreds of girls across the country to become a finalist in the national competition.
Instead, she has embraced the summer's boho look and, Posh being Posh, now has a peasant skirt in every colour.
Sienna, 23, has been accused of copying Kate's style with her boho look but Kate, 31, retained her place at the top of Glamour magazine's annual best dressed list.
Well, in the States most of the newest fag art--art deploying a fag sign system--is faux naive, boho, crunchy, Radical Faerie-ish, reeking of patchouli, crystal meth, astro-vividness, and (super yuck) collectivity.
They've renamed the Burbank airport for Bob Hope, making it BoHo.
Gina La Morte, Editor in Chief and Publisher of Boho magazine, is one person who saw the value in partnering the Boho brand with Glogster.
The six-floor Boho Five business unit in Middlehaven is the latest addition to the town's Boho Zone.