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BOLABattle of Los Angeles (Rage Against the Machine album)
BOLABusiness Open Learning Archive (business website)
BoLABovine Major Histocompatibility Complex
BOLABureau of Legal Affairs (Wisconsin)
BOLABest of Luck Always (Internet slang)
BOLABovine Lymphocyte Antigen System
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bola — a functional and fashionable way to accessorize and keep track of your glasses at the same time.
He said: "We are trying not to get their hopes up because we don't want them to be disappointed, but Bola can't help but feel excited.
introduced me to the instrument," explains Bola via email translated from Frafra.
lascamento (spalling): decorre do trincamento da bola a partir de defeitos de fundicao (rechupes) ou de moldagem.
Mr Bola lost his life because of the carry-out meal he was carrying.
Restriction fragment length polymorphism of the PCR amplified product (PCR-RFLP) and distribution of different BoLA alleles
Uma tendencia tem sido o desenvolvimento de arquiteturas embarcadas para realizar tarefas de carater reativo e que envolvam a necessidade de um tempo de resposta imediato, tais como o desvio de obstaculos, a conducao da bola e a decisao do momento do chute sejam feitas localmente e de maneira autonoma para cada robo da equipe (MURPHY, 2000).
The seven most frequently observed BoLA alleles in Hanwoo population (BoLA-DRB3.
Both Levy Board chief executive Sir Tristram Ricketts and Tom Kelly, director general of Bola and its ABB successor, yesterday described Bruce as "a bookmaker of the old school".
Herve Bola, of Essex, died in July 2002 at the Sgwd y Gladys Falls, known locally as Lady Falls, at Pontneddfechan, deep in the Vale of Neath.
We designed these reports for the investment manager, portfolio manager and equity analyst," added Bola Olusanya, Senior Quantitative Analyst and VRA Product Manager.
Rafeeq Atanda and his mother, Bola Fatumbi, 30, were deported from their home in Bensham, Gateshead, to Nigeria last month despite 10,000 people signing a petition demanding they be allowed to stay.