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Our long-term partnership with Banco de Credito de Bolivia helps to reach low-income sectors of the population and to create a more inclusive financial sector in the country," said Carlos Leiria Pinto, head of IFC for the Andean region.
While Bolivia continues to make drug seizures and arrests of implicated individuals, the Bolivian judicial system is not adequately processing these cases to completion.
Bolivia maintains an embassy in the United States at 3014 Massachusetts Ave.
Beyond the specific expectations of Bolivia, they have no rights over Chilean territory, nor its seas, and that is going to be our position," said Bulnes, ambassador of Chile to the U.
Pinera said a 1904 border treaty signed by the two nations "is fully valid," but Bolivia claims it was pressured into signing the agreement.
Many of the products AHA Bolivia produces, such as alpaca sweaters, recyclable plastic totes, and crochet toys, have been featured in magazines such as ELLE, Glamour, and Vanidades.
Bolivia's Foreign Ministry said it was unaware of Vahidi's visit to Bolivia until he arrived.
It will not be easy for Morales and Garcia Linera to improve growth and development in Bolivia, particularly because of international pressure and scepticism.
Bolivia has at least 440 million barrels of oil reserves, making it the second most oil-rich country in South America after Venezuela.
There hasn't been a lot of appetite for trade credit insurance in strategic sectors, such as oil and gas, for some time" in Bolivia, Minor told Best's Review.
However, the general tone of this part of the review was in contrast to news reports coming out of Bolivia reporting on deep divisions about the country's progress.
In Bolivia, it helps to know for example that, according to the CIA World Factbook, more than 85 percent of the population is of Amerindian extraction--non-white by U.