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While the efficacy of the Norden bombsight remains disputed, perhaps the most rewarding return on Miricks radio-control system was in gradually "unmanning" targets, making it possible for ships, aircraft, and submarines to attack realistically maneuvering targets with minimal risk to Navy personnel.
That doctrine drove development of the Norden bombsight and the acquisition of the B-17 Flying Fortress.
As he pulled up and gained altitude, a large factory loomed in the plane's homemade bombsight.
Inside that vault were all the records and plans for the Norden bombsight, touted by Air & Space military magazine as ``a war-winning piece of equipment so valuable that bombardiers were asked to guard it with their lives.
On display are numerous electronic parts and devices and high-tech innovations such as the Norden bombsight and an infrared sniper scope.
To compensate, the author includes numerous insightful inset articles that provide considerable information on topics ranging from the seemingly trivial (Boeing's part-number system and instructions for reading an aircraft data block) to the essential (the B-17's technical specifications, the Norden bombsight, or the Pink Lady's combat history).
military more generally, the development of precision weapons, both offensive and defensive, has long been a priority--at least since the development of the Norden bombsight in World War II.
The bombing tables were matrices of factors for operating the mechanical computer of the B-29's Norden bombsight.
With a Norden bombsight on a calm day in a B-17 in a clear sky you could put a bomb within several hundred feet of the intended target.
From his list that includes aluminum aircraft structures, synchronizing machine guns to fire through propellers, the bombsight, rocket engines, intercontinental ballistic missiles and satellite communications, Brig.
America's Pursuit of Precision Bombing, 1910-1945 by Stephen McFarland, for example, examines the thinking on precision bombing in World War II through the lens of the Norden bombsight and arrives at many of the same conclusions about strategic bombing as Builder.