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To include the needs of the Alumni Department, the BGSU bookstore is also expanding (at no additional cost) its MBS Textbook Exchange e-commerce solution.
About a third of respondents thought that the bookstore returns policy was good or excellent while more than 43% thought it acceptable and nearly 24% thought it very poor or poor.
com Store@UWM or order online through the UWM Virtual Bookstore 24-7-365 to have their textbooks and materials delivered directly to their doorstep.
Follett Bookstore would then submit an invoice to ASU and the school would use the students' financial aid money to pay the bill.
Patronizing your local gay bookstore and setting aside 20 minutes each night to read is not too much to ask when the next gay-themed film to take American culture by storm may be at stake.
In the meantime, it is up to the rest of us to pause and consider what we want in a bookstore, what we are prepared to do to support our bookstores and what a wide range of bookstores do for the authors, illustrators, readers and publishers of this country.
Vera Warren-Williams opened Community Book Center, the city's oldest black bookstore, in 1983, frustrated by the inability to find books by and about African Americans.
The bookstore owns a 19,000-square-foot lot and holds an option to buy another adjacent property, bookstore General Manager Jim Williams said.
The ACA Bookstore is in the process of setting up an online system to take book recommendations from members.
Chikusa Shobunkan Shoten in Nagoya is one such shop, attracting bookstore owners from across the country -- a phenomenon which the industry dubs the ''Chikusa pilgrimage.