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BDRBedroom (real estate)
BDRBund Deutscher Radfahrer (German: German Cycling Federation)
BDRBusiness Development Representatives
BDRBombardier (artillery rank)
BDRBase de Registre (French: Set Registry)
BDRBangladesh Rifles (military forces in Bangladesh)
BDRBrazilian Depositary Receipt
BDRBackup Disaster Recovery
BDRBluray Disc Recordable
BDRBaud Rate
BDRBackup Designated Router
BDRBackground Diabetic Retinopathy
BDRBusiness Development Research
BDRBackup Designated Router (networking)
BDRBill Davis Racing (automobile racing team)
BDRBattle Damage Repair
BDRBill Draft Request
BDRBaseline Data Report (various states)
BDRBattle Damage Report
BDRBunker Delivery Receipt (sea refueling)
BDRBackdraft Racing (Boynton Beach, FL)
BDRBus Device Request
BDRBack Door Receiving (store loading area)
BDRBlocking Dynamic Range (receiver signals)
BDRBlood Donation Record (American Red Cross Biomedical Services)
BDRBirth, Death Registration (various locations)
BDRBasic Daily Routine
BDRBest Depth Range
BDRBrentwood Dimes-a-Ride (public transit; California)
BDRBush Derangement Syndrome (politics)
BDRBattery Discharge Regulator
BDRBells Don't Ring (telephony)
BDRBridgeport, CT, USA - Sikorsky Memorial (Airport Code)
BDRBasic Deployment Readiness (US Air Force)
BDRBusiness Day Report
BDRBusiness Decision Reporting
BDRBudget Data Request
BDRBig Dumb Rocket
BDRBaseline Design Review
BDRBiologie du Développement et Reproduction (French: Developmental Biology and Reproduction)
BDRBusiness Delivery Review (UK)
BDRBulk Dose Regimen
BDRBomb Damage Repair
BDRBayesian Decision Rule
BDRBibliothèque Départementale de la Réunion (French library)
BDRBuild Design Review
BDRBulletin de Remise (French: Bulletin of the Depot)
BDRBone Densitometry Report
BDRBödabaden Dance Resort (Sweden)
BDRBlack Death Racing (gaming clan)
BDRBroken Down Root (dentistry)
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They tried to stop a drug smuggler who had brought nearly 800 pounds of marijuana (worth nearly $1 million) across the border from Mexico in his van.
Brad Sherman, D-Sherman Oaks, held up a chart illustrating a slowdown in hiring more Border Patrol agents after Sept.
Minutemen: teams of volunteers, sometimes described as vigilantes, who take it upon themselves to patrol the border in California, Arizona, and Texas.
The border region extends just over 60 miles each way north and south of the boundary line and stretches 2,000 miles from east to west.
Local residents also expressed fear of the vigilante groups that have emerged in tandem with the rapid expansion of Border Patrol activity in this region.
As for the CTA's concern over border infrastructure, Bradley says improvements must be made so that pre-cleared trucks can move quickly through dedicated lanes.
Mexico Border, journalist Miriam Davidson uses the dramatic stories of five people and their families from the two Nogales as a microcosm of border problems.
If the fencing of urban areas in border towns like Nogales and San Diego has made crossing more difficult for the Mexican and Central American migrants who manage to reach the border, it hasn't succeeded in discouraging the migration into the fabled el norte.
In a sense, the world that for centuries had left the border pretty much alone roared in like an occupying army in the globalizing '90s, bringing with it international mafias, the transnational flow of the desperately poor, and booming global trade.
The growing demand for housing in border cities overwhelms the handful of affordable rental homes and apartments.
The earlier sections of the legislation appear to mandate a crackdown on illegal immigration, by employing subheads such as "Border Enforcement," "National Strategy for Border Security," "Document Fraud Detection," etc.