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BORBoard Of Regents
BORBureau Of Reclamation
BORBill of Rights
BORBoard Of Review
BORBiology Of Reproduction (journal)
BORBill O'Reilly (Fox news host)
BORBiserica Ortodoxa Romana (Romanian: Romanian Orthodox Church)
BORBeats of Rage (video game)
BORBrown-Out Reset (microcontrollers, PIC)
BORBusiness Object Repository (SAP tehnical infrastructure)
BORBroker Of Record
BORBasic Output Report
BORBodies Of Revolution
BORBill of Resources
BORBasis of Review
BORBudget OPTAR (Operating/Operational Target) Report
BORBase of Riser (fire sprinklers)
BoRBreak of Reality (band)
BoRBlessing of Replenishment (gaming)
BORBiuro Ochrony Rzadu (Polish Secret Service)
BORBack of Room Sales
BORBlood of Ro
BORBack Order Reconciliation
BORBandwidth on Request
BORBattalion Orderly Room (Canadian Armed Forces)
BORBreach of Rule (legal)
BORBase of the Ramp (USAF Academy)
BORBurnout Risk
BORBan on Religion (newsgroup usage)
BORBusiness Operations Review
BORBMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke) Oracle Racing (sailing competition)
BORBurnt Orange Report (political blog; Texas)
BORBoard of Realtors (various locations)
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Each Borough Commissioner oversees the review of construction-related applications and plans in their respective boroughs.
Top outer borough condos: Staten Island condos level off
But it is doubtful whether differences in control had much impact on the long-term decline of Borough Market as a wholesale trading place, that is to say a market not open to members of the public.
While Close likes a detailed boroughs plan proposed by Assemblyman Bob Hertzberg, D-Van Nuys, he opposes attempts to put any borough plan on the November ballot because it would interfere with the secession vote.
Because Sussex Borough is a small, fully developed municipality, little opportunity exists to expand its tax base.
Growth is manageable and the borough is focused on commercial diversification in targeted industries to promote both tax revenue and employment growth.
More than any other borough, Brooklyn is defined by its neighborhoods, so here is a look at the latest retail activity by neighborhood.
The borough government movement has been around for a while in Los Angeles' history.
First round - Nuneaton Borough 2 Kings Lynn 1, attendance: 12,554.
In his 2005 State of the Borough speech he noted that: "2004 was the year of the building boom in the Bronx.
Eventually, borough language was deleted from the City Charter altogether.
Los Angeles officials have long promised new communities that were being annexed by the city - from the Harbor to the San Fernando Valley - control over local issues through a borough form of government.