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What botanical blotches would he cheerfully stick upon his cheek, or forehead, if the dear old lady convicted him of an imperceptible pimple there
Being the professor's sole companion in his botanical excursions, I almost forgot that I had ever been afloat, and became quite learned.
Also, how the Doctor's cogitating manner was attributable to his being always engaged in looking out for Greek roots; which, in my innocence and ignorance, I supposed to be a botanical furor on the Doctor's part, especially as he always looked at the ground when he walked about, until I understood that they were roots of words, with a view to a new Dictionary which he had in contemplation.
It was very little, but enough to make him appear to her a Porson or Bentley, and to put him at his ease with botanical nomenclature.
Beishenaliyev reminded that the Botanical Garden was established in March 1938 and it marks 80th anniversary in 2018.
A botanical garden is a place dedicated to the collection, cultivation and display of a wide range of plants labelled with their botanical names.
Research has shown that some of the raw botanical materials labeled as "Arnica montana" contain so-called false arnica (Heterotheca inuloides), also known as Mexican arnica, or other yellow-flowering species from the family Asteraceae.
Its newest exhibition, Selby's Secret Garden, showcases the rare and beautiful 18th- and 19th-century botanical books and illustrations in its 40-year-old research library; until now, they've never been shown to the public.
Horn will represent Bayliss Botanicals through its specialty team of formulating chemists within its Horn Care Elements business unit.
The botanical-based acne treatment contains a range of botanical ingredients, including algae and lentil seed extracts; cranberry seed, grape seed, and pumpkin seed oils; and allantoin; with 3.
The UBC Botanical Garden is a wonderful space that connects visitors and community members to the University, said UBC Interim President Martha Piper.
Critique: Impressively researched, exceptionally well written and presented, "Banksia Lady: Celia Rosser, Botanical Artist" is an extraordinary biography of an extraordinarily gifted woman.