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What botanical blotches would he cheerfully stick upon his cheek, or forehead, if the dear old lady convicted him of an imperceptible pimple there
He had left sundry folios, and certain boxes well stored with botanical specimens and defunct animals, under the good keeping of Ishmael, and it immediately struck his acute mind, that marauders as subtle as the Siouxes would never neglect the opportunity to despoil him of these treasures.
A lawn and garden and an infant avenue, all ruled straight like a botanical account- book.
And at night, you urge me, with great mystery, to start before the ladies are stirring; the consequence of which is, that young Oliver here is pinned down to his breakfast when he ought to be ranging the meadows after botanical phenomena of all kinds.
He doesn't envision that even herbaria, the bastions of botanical nomenclature, will suffer huge shocks.
The ABC-AHP-NCNPR Botanical Adulterants Program was created in 2011 to educate members of the international herbal and dietary supplements industry about botanical ingredient and product adulteration.
com)-- Nutritional products company, Cid Botanicals is celebrating summer with the release of its new stevia recipe booklet, Summertime Favorites featuring easy, healthy treats perfect for warm weather picnics and barbeques.
The Ministry also plans to set up nine botanical gardens in the nine provinces and priority has been given for the construction of botanical garden on 150 acres of land in Killinochchi.
Under the terms of the agreement, Cognis will continue production and distribution of certain botanical products for the cosmetics industry and will retain ownership of its Plantalin range, which is comprised of selective plant extracts designed for functional food and beverage applications.
Combining scientific precision and detail with fine art, botanical illustrators bring a realistic beauty to their studies of plants, flowers and vegetables.
Heather Champion, Publicity Manager Botanical Gardens, Jonathan Poole, agent for John Lennon Estate, Europe, Hilary Hall, Trustee Botanical Gardens, Philip Aubury, Director Botanical Gardens, Bill Good, Chairman of the Trustees Botanical Gardens
The Museum Building houses several key administrative offices of the Botanical Garden and the Orchid Terrarium.