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BOYBeginning Of Year
BOYBest of Youth (movie)
BOYBalance of Year
BOYBank of Yokohama
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The mother and tutor both rushed toward the window but before they had crossed half the room the boy had leaped nimbly to the sill and entered the apartment with them.
Mrs Squeers stood at one of the desks, presiding over an immense basin of brimstone and treacle, of which delicious compound she administered a large instalment to each boy in succession: using for the purpose a common wooden spoon, which might have been originally manufactured for some gigantic top, and which widened every young gentleman's mouth considerably: they being all obliged, under heavy corporal penalties, to take in the whole of the bowl at a gasp.
as I remember him), the nicest boy that ever spun a top or broke a window.
In this way, the sly old gentleman got round proud Jo, and furnished her with the style of boy in which she most delighted.
He realized that he was almost a man and won- dered what he would do in life, but before they came to anything, the thoughts passed and he was a boy again.
Philip saw a boy running past and tried to catch him, but his limp gave him no chance; and the runners, taking their opportunity, made straight for the ground he covered.
The boy grew thin and bronzed, Trent and he toiled as though their lives hung upon the work.
Each boy had a quarter of a loaf of bread and pat of butter, and as much tea as he pleased; and there was scarcely one who didn't add to this some further luxury, such as baked potatoes, a herring, sprats, or something of the sort.
The extraordinary boy replied not a word; but he nodded once, and seemed, to the clerk's imagination, to snore feebly.
When the mystery was explained, the elders were well pleased, and Rose received a vote of thanks, which made her feel as if she had done a service to her country, as she had, for every boy who grows up free from bad habits bids fair to make a good citizen.
Pollyanna was thinking of this now when suddenly she saw the boy.
No sooner did any boy see him than he fell in love with him, and nothing satisfied him but to be allowed to ride in his wagon to that lovely place called the Land of Toys.