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BoZoSchool of Botany and Zoology (department of the Australian National University)
BOZOBitter Obstanate Zealot Order
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Bozo explains: "The two fillies came from a very solid pedigree that has had some very recent updates.
Pinto Colvig, who also provided the voice for Walt Disney's Goofy, originated Bozo the Clown when Capitol Records introduced a series of children's records in 1946.
Freedom of Expression[R]: Overzealous Copyright Bozos and Other Enemies of Creativity By Kembrew McLeod.
Readers will be pleased when Chad's troubled summer ends happily, with increased self-confidence and finally, a hard-won and triumphant turn at being a Bozo.
Bozo is having a good time, coming on to Jackie; but Frank is gloomy and alone, wanting to go home.
President of the Croatian Party of BiH, Bozo Skopljakovic, points out in the statement issued on Tuesday that he supports the assistance of the international community in BiH led by representatives of the European Commission, the United States, and the OHR, in seeking acceptable solutions regarding amendments to the Election Law of BiH.
5, with memories flooding in from grownups who had loved Bozo the Clown as children, an office wit at Arkansas Business summed up the loss: He left some big shoes to fill.
IT'S the Europa League Final tonight and bookies are focusing in particular on Benfica's Cardozo and Chelsea's bozo.
We've had a very good sale so far, and I'm very happy," said Bozo.
Bozo (contemporary history and international relations, U.
Most of it focuses on trainhoppers' art, including the search for the legendary but elusive Bozo Texino (in a sort of "Have you seen him?