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BoZoSchool of Botany and Zoology (department of the Australian National University)
BOZOBitter Obstanate Zealot Order
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Bozo explains: "The two fillies came from a very solid pedigree that has had some very recent updates.
com: The folks who grew up knowing you from Bozo and the "Clown Town USA" show you did in the early 1990s probably didn't know you were into horse racing.
Bozo is having a good time, coming on to Jackie; but Frank is gloomy and alone, wanting to go home.
The Teofilio filly was a smashing individual and a very good walker," Bozo said.
Bozo (contemporary history and international relations, U.
We suggest the bank's bosses find the bozo who came up with this bright idea and cut his pay to a pound an hour.
We were planning to put it in a cannon and shoot off one of our clowns holding the warhead into a net, but one of our elephants got loose and ate Bozo,'' admitted North Korean leader Kim Nutjob Il.
In your story "Party Crashers" [August 31] I find it typical that the purple Teletubby (Jerry Falwell) gets to kick off the Republican convention, which will renominate Bozo the Clown (George W.
Colvig, as Bozo, also starred in the very first Bozo television series, "Bozo's Circus" on KTTV-TV (CBS) in Los Angeles in 1949, made numerous guest appearances on radio and personal appearance tours all over the country including children's hospitals and orphanages.
When the great Bozo turns out to be the man to whom his mother has just rented a room, he begins a journey in which he finds that there are always more layers than there first appear to be.
And, if they ever did, USPS no longer delivers a postage-due brick if some bozo tapes your BRE to it.
All true, fellas and gals, but your ear still warns you, "Keep digging, bozo.