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BPMBusiness Process Management
BPMBusiness Process Modeling
BPMBeats Per Minute (heart or music)
BPMBusiness Performance Management
BPMBest Practice Methodology
BPMBanca Popolare di Milano (Italian bank)
BPMBlows Per Minute
BPMBeam Position Monitor
BPMBreaths Per Minute
BPMBusiness Performance Measurement
BPMBound Printed Matter (US Postal Service)
BPMBeam Propagation Method
BPMBank Pertanian Malaysia
BPMBest Practice Model
BPMBattement par Minute (French: Beats per Minute)
BPMBest Practicable Means
BPMBrushless Permanent Magnet
BPMBalance of Payments Manual
BPMBarrels Per Minute (flow rate of Oil producing wells)
BPMBasic Perinatal Matrices
BPMBiens Publics Mondiaux (French: Global Public Goods)
BPMBataafse Petroleum Maatschappij (Dutch)
BPMBasic Pleasure Model (band)
BPMBusiness Program Manager
BpMBuchstaben Pro Minute (German: letters per minute)
BPMBubbles Per Minute
BPMBusiness Process Manual
BPMBirds Per Minute
BPMBirefringent Phase Matching
BPMBytes Per Minute
BPMBuenas Practicas Manufactureras (Guatemala)
BPMBureau de Poste Militaire (Canada Post)
BPMBenefit Policy Manual (Medicare; US DHHS)
BPMBlack Powder Music (France)
BPMBatch Processing Monitor
BPMBills Per Minute (billing software application performance measurement)
BPMBlack ProMist (camera filter)
BPMBiological Production Module
BPMBi-Phase Modulator
BPMBelasting van Personenautos en Motorrijwielen (Dutch automobile tax)
BPMBill Payment Machine
BPMBrigada Policía Militar (Guatemala)
BPMBonnes Pratiques Médicales (French: Good Medical Practices)
BPMBattery Pack Monitor
BPMBackground Processing Management
BPMBasic Parameters Module
BPMBuffer Pool Manager
BPMBathy-Photometer (oceanography)
BPMBatch Process Monitor
BPMBest Practice Management (various organizations)
BPMBeam Positron Monitoring (imaging)
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BizFlow[R], HandySoft's award-winning platform for structured BPM, includes tools for designing, automating and monitoring business processes, presenting and accessing work, integrating existing IT systems and administering the platform itself.
In addition, Savvion customer Motorola will present "A View from the Trenches: How to Implement BPM the Right Way" on Tuesday, Feb.
Appian Vice President of Product Strategy Michael Beckley moderates an interactive panel of customers and partners who have come together to share their experiences with BPM projects.
With the Ultimus BPM Suite in place, we have been able to develop more than 30 e-admin processes that streamline the approval, and ensure that the processes run smoothly without errors.
The Gartner BPM Summit is a must attend," said Rick Thompson, chief marketing officer, Ultimus, Inc.
Detailed suggestions on how to maximize the ROI of your BPM project
Assisted customers with 123 BPM and process transformation projects throughout the year.
The KMWorld readers' poll is further proof that global companies recognize Lombardi's BPM software and services as a defacto leader.
Over 200 vendors list some form of "business process management" capability in their products, but simply including some form of workflow or a partial set of BPM functions does not deliver against these requirements.