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The Bank breccia demonstrates a classic high-level geochemical signature with strong silver, arsenic, antimony and lead geochemical anomalism associated with typically spotty gold anomalism.
For geologists, the breccia pipes have been stimulating questions that are yet unanswered.
Located on the Colorado Plateau province of northern Arizona known as the Arizona Strip, the North Pipes Super Project is targeted specifically for high-grade uranium mineralization through numerous breccia pipes.
Combining the high-grade intervals encountered within the lower breccia host in 13-08 and 13-11 with the high-grade intervals in the upper breccia as found in RR11-16, 12-01 and 12-10 extends the North Bullion high-grade zone a further 50 meters to 250 meters, within a much larger envelope of above-one-gram material which is now 1000 meters (1km) long and averages 300 meters wide.
The breccia pipes are part of the large uranium bearing breccia pipe terrain which occurs on the Arizona Strip lying just south of the Utah border.
The Camila Breccia is an early-stage exploration project that was last explored in the late 1990s by Trilogy Metals, Inc.
The north half of the breccia pipe is roughly circular and it is presumed the south half will be as well.
The inclined hole gives us the best chance of intersecting a vertical pipe, allows us to test large areas for breccia and also allows us to define the exact boundaries of the breccia feature.
The Company will be conducting exploration work on the properties to determine if these pipes have similar characteristics to the prolific uranium bearing breccia pipe terrain found in the Arizona Strip lying south of these Properties.
XState has earned a 50% interest in the three breccia pipes by this cash contribution.
The initial Barnett Shale completion was abandoned with a cast iron bridge plug set over the Barnett Shale perforations and recompletion to the Ellenberger breccia porosity is currently being tested.