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La Negra is a strong and explosive diatreme breccia event as evidenced by the strong tourmaline-sericite-quartz alteration throughout the matrix and dominant sericite alteration of clasts and textures and variety of clasts.
Further drilling is in progress to discover extensions to the lower breccia high-grade zone of mineralization and additional mineralization within the North Bullion target zone.
While the actual breccia pipe lies hidden behind the wall of the cliff, the top of the pipe forms a pinnacle above the cliff.
Forward-looking statements in this news release include The Loreto, Helvia and Hafsa Pipes will be drilled with vertical holes to the top of the Fossil Mountain member of the Kaibab limestone to determine the presence of breccia, mineralization and to determine if down dropping which is a breccia pipe characteristic is present.
LN 25-14 hit 60 meters of silver mineralized breccia from surface, which is interpreted to confirm a south dip in this area of the breccia.
The Camila Breccia is an early-stage exploration project that was last explored in the late 1990s by Trilogy Metals, Inc.
The north half of the breccia pipe is roughly circular and it is presumed the south half will be as well.
We have demonstrated that with only a few holes we can identify with great precision rock alteration and the accurate boundaries between unbroken rock and collapse breccia.
Kootenay's La Negra Diatreme Breccia prospect is situated approximately 6.
The Company will be conducting exploration work on the properties to determine if these pipes have similar characteristics to the prolific uranium bearing breccia pipe terrain found in the Arizona Strip lying south of these Properties.
The funds will be used by the joint venture to execute an exploration program on three breccia pipes for uranium and other metal mineralization, as indicated by surface geology, geochemistry and geophysics.