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BILBanque Internationale à Luxembourg (French: International Bank of Luxembourg; Luxembourg)
BILBand Interleaved by Line
BILBasic Impulse Level (electrical power switches)
BILBase d'Informations Légales (French: Legal Information Base; est. 1987)
BILBasic Insulation Level (IEC)
BILBelgisch Instituut voor Lastechniek (Dutch: Belgian Welding Institute)
BILBanque d'Images Libres (French: Free Stock Images; Canada)
BILBudget d'Initiatives Locales (French: Budget for Local Initiatives; Canada)
BILBeginner Intermediate Lounge (est. 2003)
BILBillings, MT, USA - Billings Logan Intnl Airport (Airport Code)
BILBuilt-In Logic
BILBharti Infotel Ltd
BILBusiness Importance Level
BILBiocon India Limited
BILButtons International Limited (Hong Kong)
BILBlue Indicating Light
References in classic literature ?
He himself - my brother-in-law - came back by train.
And where is your brother-in-law now, if I may ask?
I think you can tell the gentleman, brother-in-law, if it concerns him to know,' said Mrs Nickleby, acknowledging the compliment with a graceful bend, 'that Kate Nickleby is my daughter.
For you, brother-in-law,' replied Mrs Nickleby, 'and I walked all the way up here on purpose to give it you.
My brother-in-law knows nothing of women," he cried with an air of profound, experienced wisdom.
Hal and his sister and brother-in-law listened unwillingly, pitched tent, and overhauled the outfit.
A poor man's wife," Rebecca replied gaily, "must make herself useful, you know"; on which her brother-in-law vowed that "she was fit to be the wife of an Emperor, and that to be skilful in domestic duties was surely one of the most charming of woman's qualities.
But Alexey Alexandrovitch, my celebrated brother-in-law, you surely must know.
Mr Verloc, going out in the morning, left his shop nominally in charge of his brother-in-law.
What a comical brother-in-law old Bounderby is, I think you mean,' said Tom.
Glegg her loan of five hundred pounds, it naturally occurred to him that he had a promissory note for three hundred pounds lent to his brother-in-law Moss; and if the said brother-in-law could manage to pay in the money within a given time, it would go far to lessen the fallacious air of inconvenience which Mr.
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