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BUFBandwidth Utilization Factor
BUFBritish Union of Fascists
BUFBellingham Unitarian Fellowship (Washington)
BuFBeyond Unreal Forums (gaming)
BUFBritish Ultimate Federation (British Federation for Ultimate Frisbee)
BUFBack-Up Facility
BUFBig Ugly Fella (USAF B-52 Bomber; polite form)
BUFBuffalo, NY, USA - Greater Buffalo International Airport (Airport Code)
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At which the four Buffers, again mysteriously moved all four at once, explain, 'You can't resist
A passing remembrance of Mrs Veneering, here induces Mortimer to address his next half-dozen words to her; after which he wanders away again, tries Twemlow and finds he doesn't answer, ultimately takes up with the Buffers who receive him enthusiastically.
But as a buffer living on his means, and having an idea of doing it in this lovely place in peace and quiet, for remaining span of life, I beg to ask if the Tope family are quite respectable?
Datchery to himself that night, as he looked at his white hair in the gas-lighted looking-glass over the coffee-room chimneypiece at the Crozier, and shook it out: 'For a single buffer, of an easy temper, living idly on his means, I have had a rather busy afternoon
Partnering with our DCNR colleagues on this important multi-functional buffer venture increases the availability of funds being channeled through existing structures, said PENNVEST Executive Director Brion Johnson.
A buffer annuity is a cross between both variable and indexed annuities.
But there are total facility costs associated with buffer preparation that differ between facility types.
While buffer zone distances intended to protect surface water quality are dependent on the physical landscape, buffer zone distances intended to address human health effects are dependent on the location of nearby residents, workers and possible bystanders relative to the field being treated.
Nexans developed the new LANmark-OF Tight Buffer Universal Cable using a new type of glass yarn that combines rodent protection with installer friendliness and avoids skin-irritation when compared to similar products of other vendors.
They should disassemble the buttstock assembly and check if its buffer is within the date range.
First, mobile devices are normally small and thus resource-constrained with limited computing power and small buffer capacities.