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BUFBritish Ultimate Federation (British Federation for Ultimate Frisbee)
BUFBack-Up Facility
BUFBig Ugly Fella (USAF B-52 Bomber; polite form)
BUFBuffalo, NY, USA - Greater Buffalo International Airport (Airport Code)
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It will drops the packets probabilistic based on average number of packets in the buffer, and it will use the same probabilistic for all the flows (Sonia Jain and EytanModiano).
The LANmark-OF Tight Buffer Universal cable is a fibre cable that can be used indoor and outdoor in a duct.
In a letter from the 26th March 2014 Norges Bank advised the Ministry not to change the countercyclical buffer requirement now.
But if the buffer is in the date range and has no R, it must be replaced.
The joined commissions of experts ORE (ERRI) B12-B36, has recommended (ORE, 1990) the following: 1) to reduce the dynamic elongation efforts, especially at heavy load trains; 2) to diminish from 2000 kN to 1200-1500 kN the compression efforts provided when testing nowadays wagons; 3) to decrease the load of the wagons, a goal that may be reached if: 4) a general use of the hydrodynamic buffers would be achieved; 5) the characteristic of the buffers has to take into account the difference between wagons in the period of testing and those in the period of work (it suggests the use in the shock absorbers with a pneumatic switcher from the second pneumatic link).
In some cases, the total buffer capacity needed for efficient working of the line has to be spaced unevenly.
The buffer system used in the long-term study has three zones.
The amount of inventory to manage in a stock buffer is a function of:
Samples were then serially diluted (log 2 dilution, 0-1:128) in shellfish extract buffer (toxin-free shellfish extract at 0.
The east sets a defensive concrete face to the street, formal and parapeted to conceal the sloping roof section, with a sli t window only onto the buffer.
The city adopted a 1993 ordinance that included a fixed 8-foot buffer and a 100-foot floating buffer around health clinics that requested it.