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Youre not telling me that the only person guilty of taking a bung in the last decade is George Graham.
SAM ALLARDYCE was last night warned that the rest of his managerial career will be lived under a cloud of "suspicion" as "the football world has al ready hung him" even if he is innocent of all bung allegations.
In a sensational new book, cigar-chomping Hall, agent to a host of top soccer stars, has lifted the lid on the murky world of bungs.
A bung scandal wrecked the former Scotland attacker's managerial career in February, 1995.
Football Association chief executive Barwick yesterday vowed to probe every manager, agent and club named in the BBC Panorama programme which alleged bungs were widespread within the game.
The latest bombshell comes two and a half years after George Graham, then boss of Arsenal, was given a 12-month worldwide ban for taking bungs.
Terry Venables will be cleared when soccer's three-year transfer bung probe finally reports.
They have studied claims that huge cash bungs were regularly paid to managers and agents as part of transfer deals.
And Collymore - accused in the programme by Luton manager Mike Newell as one of the agents who offered him an illegal payment - also boasted: "There's managers out there who take bungs all day long.
But they're about to announce that there was a bung involved in Teddy Sheringham's transfer from Forest to Spurs.
KEVIN BOND: Said he's not interested in receiving bungs, and nor has anyone he's worked with received a bung.
A FURIOUS Harry Redknapp last night hit out at the TV sting operation that has embroiled him in the bungs scandal - and at Luton boss Mike Newell for starting the probe.