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BURBuilt-Up Roofing
BURBiblioteca Universale Rizzoli (Italian literature publication series)
BURBusiness Research (journal)
BURBackup and Restore
BURBollettino Ufficiale Regionale (Italian: Regional Official Bulletin)
BURBuilt-Up Roof
BURBottom Up Review
BURBargaining Unit Representative (various organizations)
BURBurbank, CA, USA - Burbank Glendale Pasadena Airport (Airport Code)
BURBackup Rate
BURBase Usage Rate (Association of Photographers)
BURBuild-Up Rate (drilling)
BURBack-Up Roller
BURBottoms Up Reconciliation
BURBase Unfunded Requirement
BURBlue Unit Report (military simulations)
BURBuilding Underwriting Report (Insurance Services Organization)
BURBusiness Unit Representative
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Keeping fast hold of Magdalen's arm with one hand, he took the letter from her with the other, put it back into the open drawer, and locked the bureau.
The veteran (breathing very hard over it) steadied himself on both elbows against the slanting top of the bureau, and from that commanding position addressed Magdalen once more.
She rose, and tried to take the candle from the bureau, but old Mazey's cunning hand was too quick for her.
The ambitious man of genius grows old in obtaining his triple crown; he does not follow in the steps of Sixtus the Fifth merely to become head of a bureau.
Under the constitutional government, the ministers of the various departments were insensibly led by their bureaus to imitate this practice of kings.
This state of things led to servility on the part of the clerks and to endless intrigues within the various departments, where the humbler clerks struggled vainly against degenerate members of the aristocracy, who sought positions in the government bureaus for their ruined sons.
As you know, according to the charter of the bureau, our authorized capital is 2 million manats," said Habibov.
Al Etihad Credit Bureau Management Team, led by CEO, Marwan Ahmad Lutfi, along with Senior Executives from the bureau's Data Management, Customer Service and IT departments, discussed the challenges faced by SIMAH and Qatar Credit Bureau during the initial stages of implementation of their systems and services, and explored the key development areas to be considered for the future.
The Bureau of Political-Military Affairs exceeded its goal for collecting campaign contributions by 203 percent.
Bureau of African Affairs, Office of the Executive Director Mr.
Sure there were screw-ups--the Olympic Park bombing fiasco where the Bureau spun its wheels trying to pin the crime on Richard Jewell before concluding that anti- abortion terrorist Eric Robert Rudolph was its man.
The mandate of the Department's Verification and Compliance Bureau will be expanded and it will be renamed the Verification, Compliance, and Implementation Bureau.