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BOBody Odor
BOBox Office
BOBologna (Emilia Romagna, Italy)
BOBulletin Officiel (French)
BOBig O (anime)
BOBest Offer
BOBusiness Object
BOBochum (Germany)
BOBusiness Office
BOBusiness Opportunity
BOBarack Obama (44th US president)
BOBlue October (band)
BOBiarritz Olympique (French rugby team)
BOBattery Operated
BOBranch Office
BOBreak Off
BOBattle Orders (Diablo 2 game)
BOBack Order
BOBiological Opinion
BOBack Orifice (trojan horse utility)
BOBlack Organization (Detective Conan)
BOBuzz Off
BOBoom Operator (USAF in-flight refueling)
BOBlood Omen (game)
BOBody Odour (gaming group)
BOBarrel of Oil (oil and gas exploration)
BOBowled Over
BOBuild Order
BOBloc Opératoire (French: Operating Room)
BOBlocked Out
BOBronchiolitis Obliterans
BOBad Order
BOBus Operator
BOBreakout Box
BOBang and Olufsen
BOBridge Officer (gaming)
BOBinary Output
BOBoletim de Ocorrência (Accident Report; Brazil)
BOBucked Off (rodeo)
BOBoarding Officer
BOBilans Otwarcia (opening balance)
BOBuyer's Option
BOBenefits Office
BOBlack Ore (Lineage 2 game)
BOBase Order
BOBusy Out
BOBrain Overload
BOBilling Official (DoD)
BOBottom Opened (can collectors)
BOBeneficial Occupancy
BOBudget Outlay
BOBudget Obligations
BOBinary to Octal
BOBorn Organized
BOBattle Operations
BOBonus Objective (gaming)
BOBruto Oppervlakte (Dutch: Gross Area)
BOBlocking Oscillator
BOBench Order
BOBase-Out Prism
BOBloody Orchid (Lineage 2 game)
BOBranch on Overflow (IBM)
BOBowel Opening (anatomy)
BOBarring Order
BOBooster Orbiter
BOBorrow Output (electrical circuits)
BOBit Oxide
BOBeat Oscillator
BOBachelor of Oratory
BOBranch on Ones (IBM)
BOBuffer Overflow/Overrun
BOBearing Observed
BOBom Pra Otário (Brazil)
BOBourget-Opéra (French)
BOBack Office
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Burnout will be Nour Eddine Lakhmari's fourth feature film and the third in the series that includes Zero and Casanegra, that focuses on social issues, depicting the struggle of the characters and their quest for love and humanity.
Professional burnout scores showed that EE levels were high in 73(71.
Despite the attention to burnout and stress among special education teachers, the specific differences and similarities between burnout and stress and their differential influences on student learning remain unclear.
About a month before the NAM announcement, researchers at the Mayo Clinic proposed nine strategies that health care organizations can use to reduce physician burnout.
Burnout is a syndrome of emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and reduced personal accomplishment that can occur among individuals who do "peoplework" of some kind.
Using a 7-point Likert scale ranging from "never" to "every day," 258 residents from 11 different residency programs filled out an anonymous Web-based survey on how often they felt emotional exhaustion ("I feel burnout from my work") and depersonalization ("I've become more callous toward people since I took this job").
National physician burnout & depression report.
Coaches may also be at a greater risk for burnout because of the variety of roles they are required to fulfill in the position, many of which require an extensive amount of social interactions between helper and recipient.
Equipping individuals with the tools to assume leadership roles and help others deal with burnout.
Para a pesquisa nas bases de dados, foram utilizadas as palavras-chave: enfermagem and turnover, nursing staff (team) and turnover; burnout and enfermagem; burnout and nursing staff (team); burnout and turnover and staff (team) nursing.
Organizations can combat physician burnout, they noted, and the effort is financially worthwhile, as well as morally and ethically important.