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C4H10Butane (chemistry)
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The imported quantities are expected to grow during this year as the government has negotiated with Algerian petroleum company SONATRACH to increase its butane gas imports from the country to one million per year, according to Al-Ahram.
President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi has said that the current butane gas shortage crisis in Egypt was due to low temperatures and inclement weather, which delayed the butane shipments.
The propane and butane, endorsed as cleaner-burning fuels by the Clean Air Act of 1990, will be harvested at oil and gas drilling sites in the U.
This research report provides in-depth analysis of butane producers and demand by application and geography.
The next time one inhales butane from a container it may be the last time they do anything.
These products are not associated with smoking or tobacco; however, they use the widely-distributed Ronson Multi-fill butane fuel.
Pathologist Alexander Forrest told the inquest that young people sniffed butane for the "pleasure effect" - he said it was similar to having an anaesthetic.
It will also serve wholesale customers in Arizona as well as offering butane blending.
KUWAIT, March 2 (KUNA) -- Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) announced in a press statement on Monday its March prices for propane and butane gas.
All condensates, LPG and butane from the $10 billion project have been committed for sales to shareholder affiliates of Angola LNG.
The Ministry of Petroleum announced that 48,000 tonnes of butane gas have been imported from 11 to 15 November to increase the available amounts of cooking gas to meet the needs of the domestic market, according to a ministry statement.