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BtNBehind the News (TV show)
BTNback to normal
BTNBack to Nature (gaming, Harvest Moon series)
BTNBhutanese Ngultrum (ISO currency code)
BTNBusiness Travel News (New York, NY)
BTNBy the Numbers
BTNBetter Than Nothing
BTNBack-to-Normal (trademark of Jeunique International, Inc.)
BTNBilling Telephone Number
BTNBrussels Tariff Nomenclature (shipping)
BTNBehind the Name (etymology website)
BTNBroward Teen News
BTNBetween the Notes
BTNBecause the Night (song)
BTNBon du Trésor Négociable (French: Tradable Treasury Bond)
BTNBusiness Telecommunications Network
BTNBig Ten Network (college sports network)
References in classic literature ?
Yes, monsieur, I do; I understand that you have been playing me a shameful trick and twisting off my buttons while I have been standing here unconscious of it.
Listen and comprehend: While the ministers start discussions in the Chambers that are just about as useful and as conclusive as the one we are engaged in, the administration cuts the buttons off the tax-payers.
Low, and of Jemmy Button, it is certainly true, that when pressed in winter by hunger, they kill and devour their old women before they kill their dogs: the boy, being asked by Mr.
Soapy stood still, with his hands in his pockets, and smiled at the sight of brass buttons.
For all that, when I saw what care he took to pluck out the threads where the button had been cut away, I put a higher value on his gift.
said the stranger, screwing himself round to catch a glimpse in the glass of the waist buttons, which were half-way up his back.
AFTER losing them, he ran on four legs and went faster, so that I think he might have got away altogether if he had not unfortunately run into a gooseberry net, and got caught by the large buttons on his jacket.
The battered silver cans and tankards, I suppose, and silver buckles, and broken spoons, and silver buttons of worn-out coats, and silver hilts of swords that had figured at court,- all such curious old articles were doubtless thrown into the melting-pot together.
Now he had a good deal of gold in the house: so he said to Catherine, 'What pretty yellow buttons these are
He wore a white satin jacket embroidered with gold, and having diamond buttons.
Even to a thread, and nice little bars across the end so I can't tear them when I twitch the buttons out.
He was a partner in a house in some large way--spirits, or buttons, or wine, or blacking, or oatmeal, or woollen, or pork, or hooks and eyes, or iron, or treacle, or shoes, or something or other that was wanted for troops, or seamen, or somebody--and the house burst, and we being among the creditors, detainees were lodged on the part of the Crown in a scientific manner, and all the rest Of it.