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B/OBest Offer
B/OBattery Operated
B/OBack Order
B/OBiological Opinion
B/OBuyout (auctions)
B/OBearer Only
B/OBlocking Oscillator
B/OBudget Outlay
B/OBroken Object
B/OBudget Obligation
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Howard, like thousands of other homeowners in similar circumstances, is likely ineligible for a buyout.
These results are robust to controlling for industry trends, the overall buyout market conditions, and the exclusion of club deals.
The intention of Amber Beverage Group was to acquire at least 224,907 shares in Latvijas Balzams distillery, or a 3 per cent stake, through the voluntary buyout offer.
To a Lane County worker contemplating retirement or a move to a new job in the next few years, the buyouts approved Tuesday by the Board of Commissioners look sweet: about six weeks' pay, plus $500 for every year of employment.
Also, according to the notification, Sentica Buyout III GP Oy's indirect holding, through Sentica Buyout III Ky and Sentica Buyout III Co-Investment Ky, of the shares and voting rights in Solteq Plc exceeded the 25% threshold on 3 July 2015 due to this acquisition.
Ford, the nation's second-largest car company, will be offering its buyout to 98,000 retirees and former employees as it seeks to reduce its $74 billion pension obligation.
The buyout schedule suggests that minorities would be able to tender their shares until 21/22 August for preferred and ordinary shares respectively.
The region's private equity buyout value figure of pounds 281m was swelled by Lloyds TSB Development Capital's exit from Newcastle-based Aesica Pharmaceuticals for more than pounds 100m.
Though the size of the buyout is limited and the company's leverage is likely to remain below 1.
The Government is ready to do all in its power to make sure the tobacco law under which the buyout should begin by no later than 15 December is fully respected.
The first buyout wave emerged from 1981 as regulatory changes facilitated funding for this kind of deal.
Private equity firms benefited from a glut of cheap debt during the boom years - taking over a raft of household names including the AA and Boots - but the onset of the credit crunch in late 2007 put an end to the buyout boom.