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B/OBuyout (auctions)
B/OBlocking Oscillator
B/OBudget Outlay
B/OBroken Object
B/OBudget Obligation
B/OBiological Opinion
B/OBack Order
B/OBattery Operated
B/OBest Offer
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Japan's wider economic problems have already exposed a number of areas where Western buyout groups--such as Ripplewood--are eagerly sifting through the deadwood in search of gems.
Capital structures to finance gradual buyouts include: secured term loans, which are based upon fixed assets; subordinated debt, most commonly used when cash flow is abundant, and equity investments, which rely on a history of strong earnings and growth potential.
The buyouts are a good deal for the county and the public and, even better, they come with a new lower-cost benefits plan for new employees.
For a white-collar employee, age 65 with a $3,500-a-month pension, a lump-sum buyout can easily be as much as $500,000, according to Thurman.
Sachin Date, EMEIA Private Equity Leader at Ernst & Young, said: "The UK buyout market hasn''t held up as well as some of its European neighbours in 2011, particularly France and Sweden, both of which saw increases from 2010 values.
Lebanon School District (Allegheny County): Buyout in excess of $420,000
After meeting the representatives of the tobacco associations, Minister Dimovski informed that from 212 buyout points in Macedonia, 84 had so far been opened and some 550 tons of tobacco had been bought out at an average price of 141.
At 379, buyout completions in 2009 were back to the 1986 level.
Of the 12 deals valued at more than pounds 100m, eight were secondary deals where a company was sold from one buyout firm to another.
TAKEOVERS such as the pounds 950m swoop for retailer Pets at Home have pushed the value ofUKprivate equity buyouts to a two-year high.
8 billion) buyout by a group of international investors.
Delphi had 27,500 unionized workers as of June 30, and 12,400 United Auto Workers union members previously accepted early retirement and buyout offers.