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ZZZSleeping, Bored, Tired
ZZZZavod za Zdravstvena (Slovenian: Institute for Health)
ZZZIncreasing Degrees of Contraction
ZZZZealous Zany Zombies (gaming clan)
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That's where the Buzzing in my head first began," said Mrs.
At each moment, in the midst of the crowd, the buzzing, and the laughter, the door-keeper's voice was heard announcing some name well known in the financial department, respected in the army, or illustrious in the literary world, and which was acknowledged by a slight movement in the different groups.
Then the city would be filled with a buzzing of voices in which the neighing of horses, the bleating of lambs, the grunting of pigs, could be distinguished, mingled with the sharp sound of wheels on the cobble- stones.
The forest seemed a vast hive of men buzzing about in frantic circles, but the cheery man con- ducted the youth without mistakes, until at last he began to chuckle with glee and self-satisfaction.
Formerly, as you know, I used to live in absolute stillness--so much so that if a fly took wing it could plainly be heard buzzing.
The people were in an excited mood, but, like a swarm of frightened bees, seemed not to know at what point to concentrate; and it was very evident that if leaders of the people were not provided all this agitation would pass off in idle buzzing.