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BYTEGroup (Usually Eight) of Binary Digits (Eight Bit Word)
BYTEBinary Term
BYTEBinary Element String
BYTEBringing Youth Towards Equality (Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada)
BYTEBinary Yoked Transfer Element
BYTEBuild Your Teaching Experience (conference)
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The most commonly used format for this data is the mapping of bytes to specific characters as represented by the American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) whereby specific combinations of 1s and 0s are simply interpreted as specific text and numbers.
The transition point between the wide and the narrow bus must terminate the high data byte and Parity one line (Fig 1).
Second Byte started eight years ago with Howie repairing four or five machines a week out of his home.
Byte Interactive Founder and CEO, Michael LeBeau, will assume the position of chief marketing officer of Story Worldwide.
Section overheads (SOH): Overview of the purpose of the Section Overhead (SOH) bytes in an STM-1 frame in terms of frame alignment, error checking, data communications
With nearly 200 nominations to the Big Byte awards, the competition was especially intense," said Terry Sweeney, editor in chief of Byte and Switch, the Web's leading online storage networking publication, which also created the awards honoring excellence in storage.
The Storage Network Security category honors devices and software specifically aimed at protecting data in storage networks," said Terry Sweeney, editor in chief of Byte and Switch.
According to company officials at Century Bank, the company has been using Byte software since 2000.
Credit companies are recognizing the tremendous business value that comes as a result of integrating their services with the Byte Software product line.
Our strategic alliance and seamless integration with Byte Software will provide their users with a valuable regulatory compliance solution to reduce closing time and offer detailed compliance audit information in seconds.