c-ELISACompetitive Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay
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Highest prevalence of brucellosis was detected in camels by RBPT and SAT, however, there are chances of false positive due to cross reaction with antibodies of other bacterial species whereas the c-ELISA is more reliable than two aforementioned tests.
sampled H c-ELISA * LFD antigen test ([dagger]) Goat 5 2/0 0/5 Sheep 5 0/2 3/2 Total 10 2/2 3/7 * Serum samples from 2 animals from each species were used to detect antibodies by H c-ELISA (8).
WCX-TOF-MS and c-ELISA were used to quantify hepcidin concentrations in all 209 samples, whereas IC-TOF-MS was used to measure hepcidin in 25 samples with hepcidin concentrations below 0.
The frequency distribution of the PI values of the animals tested for PPR antibodies using c-ELISA are given as in Figure 1.
It is concluded that certain important clinical signs help in ea rly d iag no sis of d isease in field condition which can further confirmed by C-ELISA in laboratory.
In an evaluation study in which we reported that the CHECKIT-ELISA performed less well than the I-ELISA and C-ELISA, we used 3 NSP ELISAs (23,25).
An anti-nucleocapsid (N) monoclonal antibody (MAb) based c-ELISA was used for this purpose (Choi 2005).
A large part of the serum specimens that were positive or doubtful by ELISA methods were also positive for SBV by SNT, suggesting a good specificity of both methods, though slightly better for c-ELISA than for i-ELISA (Table 1).
was diagnosed on the basis of Giemsa stained blood smears and was confirmed by competitive c-ELISA test and results showed that out of 33 samples tested (100%) of foals were seropositive for B.
PPRV antibodies were detected by using the antihemagglutinin PPRV C-ELISA (Biological Diagnostic Supplies Limited [BDSL], Dreghorn, UK; www.