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c-TECCortical Thymic Epithelial Cell Line (cell culturing)
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The implementation of the oxy-fuel technology in Neuf-Brisach is supported by the expertise of Constellium Technology Center, C-TEC.
C-TEC Solar recently won the ability to serve the four-town coalition for the Solarize Connecticut program.
Established in 1981, C-TEC is an independent manufacturer of safety electronic equipment.
Rick Orr, facilities manager for C-TEC, said the benefits are tangible: Constructing and renovating buildings that meet environmental standards may cost more in the short term compared to meeting regular building codes and standards.
At the same time, C-TEC, a Pennsylvania company, agreed to enter into a long-range deal with Systematics under which the Little Rock company would provide virtually all data processing services for C-TEC's telephone, cable television and cellular operations.
C-TEC began with a summer workshop for district high school teachers and counselors from 11 area high schools, plus C-TEC's secondary center staff.
During the 14-year period Sordoni led C-TEC Corporation, the company became one of America's best-known, diversified telecommunications companies with operations in basic telephone, cable television, cellular, paging and long-distance services.
McCourt purchased controlling interest in C-TEC Corporation, a diversified telecommunications company based in Wilkes- Barre, Pennsylvania.
McCourt, Chairman and CEO of RCN Corporation (Nasdaq: RCNC), served as both Chairman and CEO of CTE's predecessor company, C-TEC Corporation, following purchase of the controlling interest in C-TEC by Mr.
From 1988 - 1993, he served as President and CEO of C-TEC Corp.
Jones who had been acting in the dual capacity of executive vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary for both CTE and RCN Corporation (formerly both units of C-TEC Corporation).
Prior to RCN, Adams' expertise in the design, construction and operation of state-of-the-art networks was developed in a variety of leadership positions at companies which include C-TEC, Kiewit International, MFS, and McCourt Cable Systems.