cJAMCentral Jet Accounts Manager
CJAMChief Justice for Administration and Management (Massahusetts)
CJAMCommunity Justice and Mediation (est. 2004; Bloomington, IN)
CJAMContemporary Japanese and American Music (awards)
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But Chris Milne, the Dover attorney who represented the plaintiffs pro bono, said the CJAM has not done enough to address the health hazards at the courthouse.
You're listening to Radio Free Montreal, CJAM, and this is "Have your say.
I want everyone to know what we think about guns here at CJAM, Radio Free Montreal.
You're listening to CJAM, Radio Free Montreal, and I'm Ted Davison.
In addition, CellAntenna CJAM signal jammers are marketed to select government agencies worldwide.
The new CJAM Cell Phone TrainAlert (CJAM-TA) solution proactively alerts authorities or dispatchers when an operator is using a cell phone in time to prevent major public transportation accidents and save lives.
CJAM products only jam the downlink signal and does not interfere with any cellular towers.
The CJAM 100 is a cell phone-size portable cellular jamming device designed to defeat cellular communication within a small area.
The CJAM 500 is a more advanced device that interferes with the downlink between tower and cell phone to insure a cellular communication-free environment with a maximum jamming distance of 30 meters.
CJAM DT 1000, a larger portable unit with a range of approximately 40,000 square feet.
CJAM DT, a detector kit that includes a turnkey system with a wall-mounted detector and remote antennas.
CellAntenna's CJAM equipment is the only known way of jamming cell phone signals in a prison without affecting the surrounding neighborhood and the public safety radios.