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CAGECommercial And Government Entity
CAGECommercial and Government Entity Code
CAGEContractor And Government Entity
CAGECyber Art Gallery Eindhoven
CAGEConflict and Governance Facility (South Africa)
CAGECoalition Against Global Extremism
CAGECut Down, Annoyed, Guilty and Eye Opener (alcohol use disorders screening test)
CAGECommercial Activity/Government Entity
CAGECapillary Affinity Gel Electrophoresis
CAGEComputer-Aided Geometric Exploitation (synthetic signal analysis and prediction)
CAGECollective Artists' Gallery and Exchange
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Without disturbing the fiber cord, which was adjusted to drop the door at the proper time, he loosened the living bait, tucked it under an arm and stepped out of the cage.
When her husband next went away for one day, she told on slave to turn under the bird's cage a hand-mill; another to throw water down from above the cage, and a third to take a mirror and turn it in front of its eyes, from left to right by the light of a candle.
There he soon died; and it is strange to reflect that he may have regretted his Cage upon Ben Alder.
It would he well for you, mine friend, if you was a liddle seasick," said Hans Breitmann, pausing by the cage.
Then thought he to himself, 'It will be a very droll thing to bring away such a fine bird in this shabby cage'; so he opened the door and took hold of it and put it into the golden cage.
I turned again in time to see the gate of a nearby cage thrown open and three monstrous white apes spring into the arena.
He did it through the bars, with one swipe, when I was startin' to clean his cage.
No matter how terribly he was beaten, he had always another growl; and when Beauty Smith gave up and withdrew, the defiant growl followed after him, or White Fang sprang at the bars of the cage bellowing his hatred.
And now it is all over--your chain is broken--there is no cage.
He paused and looked pensively at a sick lion in the cage opposite.
In God's name, then, senor," replied Don Quixote; "if that be so, I would have you know that I am held enchanted in this cage by the envy and fraud of wicked enchanters; for virtue is more persecuted by the wicked than loved by the good.
Then he grasped the control lever, and as the cage shot downward at sickening speed, the bowman grappled with the slave.