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CAHOOTSCrisis Assistance Helping Out on the Streets (Eugene, Oregon)
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Everybody knows somebody that has needed some kind of intervention," and CAHOOTS can provide that type of specialized assistance, often without a trip to jail, he said.
Everyone is aware of the diesel mafia in Bahrain run by VIPs in cahoots with Customs inspectors.
Guitarist Phil Miller assembled In Cahoots just under two decades ago, recently releasing his umpteenth album Out Of The Blue.
Sherry Vine is frothy and fine as the bloodthirsty agoraphobe who axes to smithereens a randy pizza delivery boy (Mario Diaz), who turns out to be in cahoots with the evil housekeeper (Jackie Beat).
While the wire story mentions Alvarez and Battalion 3-16, claiming that the commission's report "blamed much of the wrongdoing on Intelligence Batallion 3-16" (sic), it neglects to mention that Honduras' woes were manufactured in, and fully funded by, our own government working in cahoots with yet another wanna-be dictator.
This could be the police behind or in cahoots with the destabilizers or some people in the religious and the human rights groups.
In an effort to show that love, Kleinfelder and others organized weekly visits by White Bird Clinic's CAHOOTS mobile crisis service to the alternative high school in downtown Springfield on Wednesday afternoons.
And Rob, who is in cahoots with his bonkers wife, helps her try to steal his baby.
Are we to suspect Liverpool and the Pole are in cahoots here?
How can they be trusted to safeguard this magnificent part of Musselburgh and Scotland's heritage, when, in cahoots with the Race Committee, they propose to surround the Old Course with an all-weather race track and floodlighting pylons?
He appears to be in some kind of cahoots with Napa's acquisitive Mondavi family and the outlandishly influential American wine critic Robert Parker.
It's not that journalists are in cahoots with industry groups.