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CALCClergy And Laity Concerned
CALCCommunity Alliance of Lane County (Eugene, OR)
CALCCustomer Access Line Charge
CALCCambridgeshire Association of Local Councils
CALCComputational Approaches to Linguistic Creativity (Workshop)
CaLCCryptography and Lattices Conference
CALCCarrier Access Line Charge
CALCCargo Acceptance & Load Control
CALCCitrix Authorized Learning Center
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Drill Points - enter cutting angle and drill size to calculate drill point cut depth
After measuring different apparent shear stress values from different applied shear rate values, one can calculate apparent viscosity values as well.
Individuals are also provided with a safe harbor to calculate the value of their personal belongings immediately before a 2005 hurricane, to determine a loss.
Knowing this we can calculate the revenue per case:
The NIST indicating system simultaneously samples the excitation voltage and the load cell output voltage with an 8 1/2 digit computing multimeter operating in voltage-ratio mode; the multimeter calculates the corresponding voltage ratio internally and returns that value in digital form to the computer.
Here's the formula to calculate the volume of a sphere:
The scientists worked for 14 months to calculate the mass in the new prediction, says coauthor and Fermilab theorist Andreas S.
09% median return is materially less than the 15% discount rate used to calculate the deterministic price on which these calculations are based.
To improve your pedometer's ability to accurately calculate the distance you've run, enter your running stride length rather than your walking stride length.
So to calculate your profit margins, take the selling price ($100) and subtract the price you paid to acquire that product ($60), as well as operating costs and overhead (let's say it averages out to $15).
OTTAWA -- To calculate their net GST/HST remittance or refund, charities that are GST/HST registrants are required to use a simplified net tax calculation when completing their GST/HST returns, according to a Canada Customs and Revenue Agency bulletin.
It's an ongoing program by which we can help our customers track herd performance and calculate their economic return from implementing targeted interventions to reduce variability caused by disease," Quinn adds.