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CALCClergy And Laity Concerned
CALCCommunity Alliance of Lane County (Eugene, OR)
CALCCustomer Access Line Charge
CALCCambridgeshire Association of Local Councils
CALCComputational Approaches to Linguistic Creativity (Workshop)
CaLCCryptography and Lattices Conference
CALCCarrier Access Line Charge
CALCCargo Acceptance & Load Control
CALCCitrix Authorized Learning Center
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Small amounts of other salts such as magnesium, potassium, and ammonium are also involved in calculus formation.
The bladder calculus was removed and analysis revealed calcium oxalate as composition.
Keywords: mathematics comprehension, previous mathematics performance, conceptual understanding, area of plane regions, integral calculus
plaque and calculus, their role in gingivitis and periodontitis and maintenance of oral hygiene.
By chapter 2, in which characters use a differential equation to estimate the increase in the zombie population, it's clear that Adams intends his hell-for-leather plot to be a skeleton he will flesh out with calculus lectures.
Calculus has been an ongoing source of study and debate regarding its clinical importance in the periodontal disease process.
The investment from Calculus coincides with AOMi's appointment of active technology entrepreneur John O'Connell has become chairman of the the company's board and will invest alongside Calculus.
One calculus was just external to the vagina, and the other was inside.