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CALCopyright Agency Limited (Australia)
CALClient Access License (Microsoft)
CALCalifornia (old style)
CALContinental Airlines, Inc. (stock symbol)
CALUniversity of California, Berkeley
CALCenter for Applied Linguistics
CALComputer Assisted Learning
CALCalgary, Alberta
CALComputer Aided Learning
CALComputer-Aided Learning
CALCalando (Music, gradually slower, and with decreasing volume of tone)
CALCyberathlete Amateur League (gaming)
CALSmall Calorie (referring to heating 1 gram of water 1 degree Celsius)
CALCenter for Army Leadership
CALClinical Attachment Loss (periodontics)
CALComputer-Aided Logistics
CALLarge Calorie (referring to heating 1 kilogram of water 1 degree Celsius)
CALChronic Airflow Limitation
CALCentre d'Amélioration du Logement (French: Housing Improvement Center)
CALCakewalk Application Language
CALCAN Application Layer (part of CAN protocol)
CALCornell Aeronautical Laboratory
CALCommon Application Language
CALChina Airlines, Taiwan (ICAO code)
CALCafé Au Lait spots
CALCentre Antoine Lacassagne
CALCanadian Agriculture Library
CALConférence Francophone sur les Architectures Logicielles
CALCapital Allocation Line
CALCoopérative Agricole Lorraine (French: Lorraine Agricultural Cooperative; Lorraine, France)
CALConfirmatory Action Letter
CALCustomer Access Line
CALCell-Assisted Lipotransfer (soft-tissue augmentation surgery)
CALCenter for Anabaptist Leadership (Pasadena, California)
CALConfined Area Landing
CALConversational Algebraic Language
CALContinuous Acquisition and Lifecycle Support
CALChronic Airway Limitation
CALCenter for Accelerated Learning (now Tutoring and Academic Success Center; Stark State College of Technology)
CALCommon Assembly Language
CALComité Actions Logement (French: Housing Action Committee)
CALComputer Animation Language
CALComputer-Aided Lofting
CALClocked CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor) Adiabatic Logic
CALCoopérative Agricole Laitière (French: Dairy Agricultural Cooperative)
CALCrash and Learn (airplane simulator gaming)
CALCentre Alsace Levage (French: Alsace Lifting Center; Sainte-Croix-en-Plaine, Alsace, France)
CALCurrent Access Level
CALCercle de l'Aviron de Lyon (French: Lyon Rowing Club; Lyon, France)
CALSystem Calibration Test
CALCocoa Association of London Ltd.
CALCommand Authorization List
CALCalibration Procedures/Instructions (TMINS)
CALChemical Assessment Laboratory
CALClub Athlétique de l'Haÿ-Les-Roses (French: Athletic Club of l'Hay-les-Roses; L'Hay-les-Roses, France)
CALChannel Authorization Level
CALCentro de Atención en Línea (Colombia)
CALContextes et Apprentissages Linguistiques (French: Context and Language Learning)
CALCercle Amical Lannemezan (French: Lannemezan Friendship Circle; Lannemezan, France)
CALCredits to Avoid Lapse (insurance)
CALClassified Action Log
CALComplex ANDing Logarithm
CALCompetitive Analysis Logic (Chart)
CALCriterion Attribute Library (personality instrument; UK)
CALCommercial and Administrative Law (US subcommittee)
CALContract and Agency Labor
CALCayman Airways, Ltd. (Cayman Islands)
CALChristian Academy of Louisville (Kentucky)
CALCenter for Association Leadership
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Upon implementation by several Fortune 100 companies, QA Calibrate proved valuable by:
GREAT BUSINESSES Susie and Shane McDonald have established Calibrate
In addition to the previously noted displays, it can also be used to calibrate projectors.
If multiple meters are ordered which are on paper said to be identical, there is a temptation to calibrate one meter only and apply that calibration to all meters of that specification.
This accessory is for those users who need to calibrate our equipment to much lower and more precise levels than what they are currently equipped," said Peter Gerard, President and CEO of OxySense.
Calibrate will feature its unique 6 Level Service System that is designed to give customers more thorough options and meet the highest standards and compliance requirements for their pipette calibration and repair needs.
Calibrate it more often, if you suspect a calibration problem.
In order to calibrate the STS, a method to connect the device to a traceable standard was developed.
Polystyrene latex (PSL) spheres are often used to calibrate wafer inspection systems, but these model particles do not behave like real-world particles.
Technicians at Stanley Access Technologies are using Palm[R] (Nasdaq: PALM) Treo[TM] smartphones to install, calibrate and repair automated doors at hospitals, airports, hotels and restaurants.
With a patented triple-piston assembly, this new primary standard is designed to calibrate virtually any differential pressure-sensing device from 0-850 inches of water column (2,100 mbar) at line pressures up to 2,900 psi (200 bar).
The Low-Background Infrared (LBIR) facility provides means to calibrate low power thermal-infrared sources (blackbodies).