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CLCHChinese Lutheran Church of Honolulu (Hawaii)
CLCHCaliche (hard pan; lithological term)
CLCHCommunity Living-Central Huron (est. 1958; Goderich, Ontario, Canada)
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Conglomeratic lags composed of intraformational clasts (mud chips, concentrically laminated caliche nodules, and siderite nodules) with subordinate amounts of extraformational material (fragments of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rock) commonly line erosional surfaces in multistorey channel bodies (Figs.
Quality and quantity of habitat may be correlated and consequently confound our conclusions regarding the relationship between total area of blowouts, mean size of blowout, total surface area of caliche, and abundance of lizards.
Shell fragments and rounded caliche pebbles are found from the surface horizon and become more abundant with depth in the C horizon.
US group Caliche con Carne wrote Pride (Bono's Game Of Blood) in response to the rocker's
In 1992, three years after the return to democracy in Chile, Zaldivar returned to the Atacama's dry winds, baking sun, cold nights, and the infamously hard, encrusted earth called caliche, which has preserved the physical legacy of Chacabuco.
Existen inclusiones esteriles de caliche que dificultan la extraccion de las rocas fosfatadas y que son dificiles de detectar.
At Caliche Elementary and High School in a remote part of Colorado near the Nebraska border, Todd Thomas teaches agriculture to 50 students.
Most hikes are strenuous, thanks in part to the winds, but there's a payoff: The eight-hour round-trip to Point Bennett passes through the otherworldly Caliche Forest, a cluster of ghost trees.
The terrain was generally flat and the soil was generally loose silt and sand with occasional areas of hard-packed caliche.
Otherwise your new plants will drown in the water that's just sitting on the hard caliche shelf.
30pm, rainforest caliche at 2pm) and the Caribbean (reggae at 3.
The window coated with fine caliche road dust, glows blood red with the sunset; he can't see much.