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CALLIOPEAssociation de Communication Infirmière
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This investment is a big win for Calliope State School and shows the Palaszczuk Labor Governments commitment to delivering infrastructure to Queensland Schools.
According to the company, Wivity is using its Calliope LTE Platform, an-IoT-optimised chipset solution designed specifically for LTE Cat 1 applications such as smart meters and home automation solutions.
It was an easy choice to select VeriSilicon's ZSP solution for our Calliope platform based on our long and successful history using the ZSP DSP cores in our StreamrichLTE feature-rich mobile computing products.
Optimized, purpose-built low-power LTE chipsets like Sequans' CAT 1 Calliope platform address the cost, size and power consumption demands of M2M / IoT and we foresee a meaningful role for these solutions in the continued growth of this segment as a logical successor to 2G and 3G.
The Calliope finally reveals herself and explains that something about the "Supernatural" musical play attracted her attention.
During the course of her investigations Curtis unearthed Calliope, a two-volume collection of songs popular in London one third into the 18th century, all English-language settings if not all of them by native English composers.
1 Bursa, Turkey Middlesex, Jeffrey Eugenides (Picador, 2003) In this Pulitzer snatcher, XY-chromosomed Calliope seduces a girl she calls the Obscure Object of Desire, then morphs into medical plaything, underage stripper, and handsome bureaucrat.
CREDO Petroleum Corporation (Nasdaq:CRED), Denver, has acquired nine wells (two previously announced) for application of its patented Calliope Gas Recovery System.
The story is told from the perspective of Calliope (later Cal) Stephanides, a hermaphrodite with 5-alpha-reductase deficiency syndrome, which basically means his manhood remained tucked inside his body, so his doctor mistook him for and he was raised a girl.
That view has shifted, but a similar conflict still brews at the somewhat buried heart of Middlesex: Because of an incompetent physician and a traditional immigrant upbringing, tall, broad-shouldered and nonmenstruating Calliope has managed to make it to 14 without noticing that in addition to an enlarged clitoris she possesses undescended testes and (for this last she can be forgiven) an XY karyotype.
Her mother, Calliope Charisse, a friend of Isadora Duncan, insisted that the entire family dance as a diversion from World War I.