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CAMERACommittee for Accurate Middle East Reporting In America
CAMERAComputational Algorithm for Missile Exhaust Radiation
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As the camera of the Heat-Ray hit the water, the latter had immediately flashed into steam.
One end of the apartment was unfurnished, except by the gymnastic apparatus, a photographer's camera, a ladder in the corner, and a common deal table with oil cans and paint pots upon it.
Snapping away with a camera when he ought to be improving his mind, and then diving down into the cellar like a rabbit into its hole to develop his pictures.
It was evidently taken by a snapshot from a small camera.
There were books, rifles, revolvers, ammunition, cameras, chemicals, telephones, telegraph instruments, wire, tool and more books--books upon every subject under the sun.
I got it out, and boiled one of my cameras, but the thing was a failure; it made the wood swell up and burst, and I could not see that the lenses were any better than they were before.
The cases of ammunition and of food were scattered about in a wild litter, together with our unfortunate cameras and plate-carriers, but none of them were missing.
His assistant struggles in a sea of aggressive young men carrying note-books or upholding cameras and wearing bowler hats and enterprising ties.
The house was constantly besieged by reporters, who were consistently denied admission, but who continued to haunt the village and the grounds, where they lay in wait with cameras, for any unwary members of the household.
The digital revolution in Japan began with what traditional camera makers called the "Sony shock" in 1981.
Digital camera usage increases analytical skills and can be used as a means of assessing student performance.
In 2003 digital camera sales grew by 64 percent over 2002 figures to more than 50 million units, according to Photo Marketing Association estimates, with anecdotal reports of some users bringing their photo printers to weddings to surprise newlyweds with photos of the event before they leave on their honeymoon.