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CNLClinical Nurse Leader
CNLCityNightLine (German Rail)
CNLCommercial Net Lease (Orlando, FL)
CNLControlled Natural Language
CNLCenter for Naval Leadership
CNLCompensated Neutron Log (oil industry)
CNLCommittee of National Liberation (World War II Italian group)
CNLCumulative Net Loss
CNLConstrained Natural Language (restricted set of nouns and verbs for requirements documents)
CNLCrocker Nuclear Lab
CNLCircuit Net Loss
CNLCertificate of Non-Licensure (Pennsylvania criminal legal document)
CNLConical-Nose Lead (bullets)
CNLColumbia, Newberry, and Laurens Railroad Company
CNLCanal de Noticias Lisboa (Portugal)
CNLCambridge Neurodynamics Limited
CNLCommission Nationale de Linguistique (French: National Linguistic Commission; Benin & Togo)
CNLSindal Airport, Denmark (IATA code)
CNLCentre National de la Littérature (French: National Center of Literature; Luxembourg)
CNLCaisse National du Logement (French: National Housing Fund; Algeria)
CNLClub Nautique de Limoges (French nautical club)
CNLCentre Nautique de Lorient (French nautical center)
CNLConfédération Nationale du Logement (French: National Confederation of Housing)
CNLCentre National du Livre (French: National Book Center)
CNLCercle Nautique de Loctudy (French nautical club)
CNLCentre de Naturopathie Lausanne (French; Swiss naturopathy center)
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20 m drywall partitions or intent Schallen from GK or wood material cancel
As such their decision to cancel the illegal exercise cannot be recognised as gesture of goodwill.
If you decide to cancel you should put this in writing.
However, you can't cancel your trip because you are afraid you might catch the Illness.
Cancel, a 45-year-old sales executive for Phillips Medical Systems, and a black belt in Kung Fu, met opposition for many of her 28 years of riding.
The NPPC board decided in mid April to cancel the show, based on input from its health and biosecurity committees, Iowa producers concerned about the possibility the disease would be brought to their state, and exhibitors.
The fact that the creditor agreed to cancel the note on receipt of the net sale proceeds and that the buyer insisted all liens be canceled indicated the transactions were the same as a foreclosure sale.
Each form contains, as part of its printed form, a clause providing that the purchaser or seller has the right to cancel the contract if the purchaser does not obtain a written loan commitment in a specified period of time.
In order to cancel its futures position at the end of each quarter, the company sells the same number of contracts that it bought in January for that particular quarter, thus canceling its position in a Peter-pay-Paul manner.
about expanding central site equipment with sanitary containers, stand 4 m2 curtain wall and side store cancel approximately 1 000 m2 resilient flooring and dispose of about 30 m2 Wall tiles cancel about 30 m2 floor tiles cancel cancel approximately 850 m2 floor about 380 m2 GK-ceiling cancel cancel approximately 740 m2 KS-masonry approximately 320 m2 GK-Partitions and wall Lining cancel 30 St.
Malacanang, however, has not confirmed whether Duterte would also cancel his attendance to the Asean Summit in Laos and his trip to Indonesia all scheduled next week.
Byline: Joe Michna Citizens Advice Bureau manager, explains how to cancel a gym membership